Sunday, October 17

Compromís will take to the Senate the controversy of the Fontcalent landfill

Image of the landfill provided by Compromís

Image of the landfill provided by Compromís

Commitment will lead to Senate the controversy over the Fontcalent landfill. This was announced by councilor Rafael Mas: “We are not going to stop until the Foncalent landfill, which does not have an activity license, closes. We are going to ask what has happened and what is happening inside that landfill. My colleague, the senator Carles Mulet, is going to ask the Central Government again in the Senate: What investigations has Seprona done? What investigations has the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation done? Have there been toxic water discharges into the aquifers in that area? Why are plots of land being invaded with toxic materials, waste and plastics? Why is the air quality so dire and the lives and health of Foncalent’s neighbors are at stake? It is necessary to know the truth and we want to know it “, adds the mayor of Compromís.

Just two weeks ago, the Department of Urban Planning, directed by Adrián Santos Pérez, announced the signing of the decree of denial of environmental license with major work to the mercantile Arriving a la Cima SL, which had requested a project for the construction of an industrial warehouse for a plant for the recovery of construction and demolition waste in the Fontcalent area .

In the explanatory statement It is argued that, after the presentation of the project by society, Urban Planning urged it to correct the documents by virtue of the technical report issued. After more than two years of processing and three remedies in the last three years, the representatives of the company are informed that the sectoral authorization that the autonomous community must issue on waste and the authorization of the Organism of Basin of the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation in terms of the exploitation of aquifers as well as wastewater management and its reuse, according to a municipal statement.

Councilor Adrián Santos Pérez stressed that “we are still pending the processing of the file so that the legality is scrupulously observed in order to avoid conflicts between neighbors and the company. As an administration we are also obliged to comply with the law, so we will ensure the well-being of the neighbors, on the one hand, while we will comply, on the other, with our obligation to control the activity ”.

In parallel, by means of an official letter, a consultation is made to the Ministry of the Environment on the applicable sectoral authorization in the matter of waste in relation to the activity of the company. The response of the head of the Waste Service maintains that “for the granting of the environmental license by the City Council (…) it is required, previously, that the sectoral body responsible for waste issues a resolution authorizing the project.” These circumstances, according to municipal sources, led to the denial of the environmental license with major work requested due to the impossibility of issuing an environmental opinion due to the deficiencies outlined and not corrected according to the legal report issued.

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