Monday, November 30

Concern for the left lane due to the possible loss of Fidel Chaves

Fidel Chaves, Juan Sánchez Miño and Yousuof Koné.

Fidel Chaves, Juan Sánchez Miño and Yousuof Koné.

The injury in the soleus of Fidel Chaves has raised the alarms in the Elche. The Huelva player is a serious doubt for the next match against Levante on Saturday, November 21 (2:00 p.m.) and, in the case of recovering in time from the micro-break in the soleus he suffered against Celta and that forced him to ask for the change, it will come very fair.

The medical team is working intensely with the left winger converted to a lane and in the Elche club there is some concern about his possible absence against the Granota team, because he is one of the most fit footballers of the squad at this start of the championship.

Although there are two footballers in the squad, such as Juan Sánchez Miño and Yousouf Koné, who, a priori, were called to fight for ownership on the left side, neither of them is meeting the expectations of their signings and proof of this is that Almirón has preferred to adapt to the position of lane to an extreme like Fidel who, apart from defending the left wing, also helps in the exit of the ball and in the incorporation to the attack and the centers to the opposite area. The Huelva has two goals and two assists.

Fidel has played a total of 579 minutes. The new captain of the franjiverde squad played the first six full games and until he was injured in the seventh, in the 39th minute, in the last stake against Celta de Vigo.

For his part, Sánchez Miño has played more as a midfielder than in his natural left-back position. The first time he did it in the band was against the Vigo after replacing Fidel. Despite his experience in teams of the stature of Independiente de Avellaneda, the Argentine does not finish offering the desired performance. Against Celta he dedicated himself more to defending and barely crossed the center of the field, something that the Huelva-born player usually does.

Further, Sanchez Miño He also finished the last game with calf discomfort and suffered a contracture, which is preventing him from training normally this week and from doing it outside the group. However, the medical team trusts that as of next Monday he will be able to exercise with the rest of his teammates and be available for the match against Levante in the Ciutat de València.

The other alternative is Malian Koné, who arrived with the vitola of playing with Olympique de Lyon in the Champions League and in the few minutes that he has played he has been noticed lost on the left wing and at no time has he adapted to the left-handed lane position that Almirón uses.

The African player will not arrive until Wednesday of next week because he is concentrated with the Mali national team to play two games against Namibia in the Africa Cup, which will be played today Friday and next Tuesday.

His lack of adaptation, his physical form after his long injury at the beginning of the year, which is far from the footballer who dazzled two seasons ago in France and the fact that he has not been able to train with the team during these two weeks and the fatigue of the trip to African lands, together with the fact that he will only do two training sessions before the match against Levante, make it almost impossible for him to be in the starting lineup of Elche.

Almirón is aware of the problem he has in the left lane and, although he trusts his compatriot Sánchez Miño, he knows that the loss of Fidel would be sensitive. But he does not want to risk with Huelva either, because a relapse with a bigger break in the calf would mean a hard setback. For this reason, you want to go calmly and everything will depend on the sensations that the Huelva native has from next Monday, which is when he plans to join the group and try.

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