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Concern in Staten Island due to the increase in COVID cases in that county

Since the vaccination campaign began against COVID-19 In New York City, health authorities have warned that the only way to counteract the virus, which for nearly 16 months has check the Big Apple, is that the vast majority of New Yorkers get vaccinated. And just when the contagion new COVID continues to rise in the city, due to the impact of the Delta variant, Staten Island County is experiencing a similar scenario to that of last fall, when it became the focus of the coronavirus, a fact that has many of its residents concerned.

As the contagions in New York City skyrocketed this Friday at 1.62%, almost double that of a couple of weeks ago, in Staten Island that figure is close to 2.60%, and the trend is to go up.

Data from City Health Department show that 9 of the 12 zip codes in the county They are above the average infection levels in the rest of the Big Apple. The numbers of new infections are mostly between 2% and 5%, being Charleston/Prince’s Bay/Woodrow the area of ​​greatest concern, with levels above 5.06%. The area of Totenville it is also with triggered infections, on the order of 4.59%.

And concern is beginning to become apparent among some county residents, such as Valeria Gruñón, who has lived most of her life on Staten Island, and who che outraged those who still refuse to get the vaccine, of the increase in infections.

“My God, what I want is for the COVID to disappear, for it not to appear again around here and knowing that it is going up again is scary,” said the Puerto Rican, while imploring her neighbors in the county and throughout the city from New York to get vaccinated. “I already took both doses, but that is not enough, because if the majority of people do not get vaccinated, the virus will continue to attack. That is why I beg everyone to get the vaccine, because they are allowing the virus to continue to prowl ”.

Despite the increases in cases of COVID On the island, some sections of Staten Island have begun to see isolated reductions in their infections. Such is the case of Elm Park, which went from 2.49% last week at 1.16%, and Port Richmond/Randall Manor/West Brighton, that after being at 2.38% infection rate, now it has 1.65%.

The the largest reduction was Graniteville / Mariner’s Harbor / Port Ivory, which decreased their cases by half, going from 1.09% a 0.58%, being the area with the fewest infections in the entire county.

However, in other areas such as New Dorp / Todt Hill, the picture was the opposite, and infections soared in the last week by almost 100%, going from 1.09% to 2.03%.

Juan Lopez, El Burrito restaurant worker also expressed his alarm at the news of the increase in COVID cases in his county and blamed in large part on the City and the State, for promoting the relaxation of a rule that he considers golden to stop the contagions.

“Unfortunately for the City, the State and even the federal government.It was because they stopped being strict with the use of the mask and that was the key they had to be able to get more people to get vaccinated and protect us all, ”said the Mexican. “If they had conditioned the removal of the masks until the vaccination reached 75%, another would be singing. Now it is impossible to control that ”.

Veronica Mora, who is part of the scarce 34% of the Latino population of Staten Island that has already been fully vaccinated, declared herself calm in the face of the increase in cases when she learned that she is vaccinated, but at the same time said she was worried that her neighbors were infected.

“My family was hit hard by COVID, because it hit all of us. That is why we get vaccinated and we feel safer, but it is urgent that all people do so, because it is the only way to control the pandemic, “said the mother of the family, while taking a walk with her little girl and without wearing a mask.

In the restaurant Spanish Restaurant, well known in Staten Island, where hundreds of people come to eat every day, warned that it is premature to lower our guard against COVID, when vaccination rates are so low, and therefore they have a huge sign at the entrance that prohibits the entrance of customers without masks.
“To enter here they must wear a mask. It is a measure for our safety and that of others ”, they stated at the premises, where customers follow the rule strictly.

And given the increase in cases in the county, the health authorities themselves have declared themselves on alert and through the deployment of several free testing posts and vaccination points in different corners of Staten Island, they are insisting on the urgency of getting vaccinated. to be able to turn the increases of COVID.

Concern Among Staten Islanders Over Increased COVID Cases

The vaccination figures in that county show that so far only 49% of the inhabitants of vaccination age have been completely reduced, but Hispanics are still far behind in vaccination, compared to other groups.

While 67% of Asians living on the island have been vaccinated, only 34% of Hispanics have done so fully. Blacks have also not heard the call to be immunized and only 29% have received both doses of the vaccine.

Given the outlook for an increase in cases there, the commissioner Dave Chokshi, Director of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, he was on alert and called on New Yorkers in general and especially Staten Islanders to get vaccinated soon.

“It may be the most dangerous time not to get vaccinated. And that is why we have made sure that our vaccination efforts move forward as urgently as possible so that we can extend vaccination protection to as many people as we can, ”the official said. “In particular (on Staten Island) there are younger people, who remain unvaccinated.”

The Commissioner mentioned that in order to counteract the increases in COVID with the increase in vaccination, they are promoting mobile vaccination, working with community organizations, primary care providers, pediatricians and even the home vaccination plan.

“It is now available to anyone who is eligible for the vaccine, and it will see an even more concerted push to ensure that younger people get vaccinated for the remainder of the summer,” the official said. “But my message is to convey a clear sense of urgency that we have to make sure that as many people are as protected as possible in the coming weeks“.

Concern Among Staten Islanders Over Increased COVID Cases

Despite the urgent message from the authorities, and the implementation of positions in the county of distribution of masks, antibacterial gel and vaccines in Staten Island, residents like Miguel Jimenez iThey insist that it is not necessary to be vaccinated and doubt that the increase in cases is so serious.

“Everything is fine here in Staten Island. Around here we have not heard anything that infections have increased and I think the worst is over“Said the Puerto Rican, who reiterated that for now the vaccine is not in his plans. “I think what we should do is take care of ourselves and that’s it.”

On the ferry that daily transports thousands of people between Manhattan and Staten Island, there are also divided behaviors, because although the use of masks is mandatory and social distance in the chairs, many of the passengers do not wear a mask and many others do not follow. in the least the distancing.

The mayor, Bill de Blasio, for its part, after mentioning that the percentage of new infections in the last 7 days continues to rise and that hospitalizations continue to fall, He also insisted on the call to be vaccinated, but said that there is a safe environment regarding the virus.

“We have a lot of work to do. We now have 9.6 million vaccines; Clearly, many people have responded and that is why, in general, the city is so safe. But I think his point is very well interpreted, we have to reach more people and we have to find out what will move them. I think time has helped a lot of people, “said the president, adding that 363 infections were reported in the last day new to the Big Apple.

“I think the incentives have helped some people. I think making it convenient helps some people. But I think we have to continue, especially within the agencies, redoubling our efforts, because each additional vaccine is important ”, De Blasio concluded.

Puerto Rican Miguel Jimenez has no plans to be vaccinated and does not believe that COVID is increasing in his county

Data on the rise of COVID-19 in Staten Island

  • 1.62% is the infection rate for the last day in New York City
  • 9 of Staten Island’s 12 zip lines have numbers above the average for the rest of the city
  • 2.60% is the average sum of infections in the county
  • 5.06% is the average number of infections in the Charleston / Prince’s Bay / Woodrow area: Zip Code 10309
  • 4.59% is the average number of infections in the Totenville area
  • 4.02% is the average number of new infections in Great Kills. Postal code: 1030
  • 2.85% is the average number of infections in Annadale / Rossville: ZIP Code 1031
  • 2.81% is the average number of infections in Bloomfield / Freshkills Park: ZIP Code 1031
  • 2.73% is the average number of new cases in Lighthouse Hill / Midland Beach / New Dorp / Oakwood: Zip Code 10306
  • 2.74% is the average number of infections in Arrochar / Midland Beach / Shore Acres / South Beach Ocean Breeze: ZIP Code 10305
  • 2.26% is the average number of infections in Silver Lake / St. George: Zip Code 10301
  • 1.65% is the average number of infections in Port Richmond / Randall Manor / West Brighton: Zip Code 10310
  • 1.16% is the average number of infections in Elm Park: Zip Code: 10302

Statel Island’s 2 Lowest COVID ZIP Codes

  • 1.09% in New Dorp/Todt Hill; Postal code 10304
  • 0.58% en Graniteville/Mariner’s Harbor/Port Ivory: Código postal 10303

Staten Island Vaccination Data

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