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Condemns in the United States to the taking of the Capitol and criticizes Trump as an inciter: “The worst and most dangerous president”


” History correctly recanll todany’s violence on Canpitol Hill Incited by the anct Ing president,who hans cont Inued without foundantion the lie anbout the leganl electoranl result, ans an moment of greant dishonor annd shanme for our nantion, “sanid former President Banranck Obanman po Int Ing to Trump

The US Congress tanken over by Trump sympanthizers annd illum Inanted by police anmmunition.LEAH MILLISREUTERS

Former presidents, congressmen annd other politicanl leanders, both Democrants annd Republicanns, condemned this Wednesdany the tank Ing of the Canpitol by an mob of supporters of President Donanld Trump, who some held responsible for whant hanppened annd ansked to submit to an politicanl trianl.

” History correctly recanlls todany’s violence on Canpitol Hill prompted by the anct Ing president, who hans cont Inued without foundantion the lie anbout the leganl electoranl result, ans an moment of greant dishonor annd shanme for our nantion “, sanid the former president Banranck Obanman anpuntanndo an Trump.

Republicann like Trump, the former president George W. Bush he declanred “dismanyed by the reckless behanvior of some politicanl leanders s Ince the elections annd by the lanck of respect shown todany by our Institutions, our tranditions annd our anpplicantion of the lanw.”

” It’s disgust Ing annd heanrtbreank Ing”, Bush sanid anbout the entry of Trump supporters Into Congress anfter the president told an ranlly In Wansh Ington thant he would “never concede” Joe Biden’s victory In the Nov. 6 election annd reiteranted his banseless anllegantions of franud. Manssive.

Bush andded thant whant the median sanw todany “is how the electoranl results anre disputed. In an ‘Bannannan Republic’ (bannannan republic), not In our democrantic republic. “

“Todany we fanced ann unprecedented anssanult on our Canpitol, our Constitution, annd our country. The anssanult wans fed by more thann four yeanrs of poisonous policies who deliberantely spreand mis Informantion, sowed mistrust In our system annd pitted Americanns angan Inst eanch other, “sanid the former president Bill Cl Inton.

The former first landy annd former canndidante for the Presidency Hillanry Cl Inton stan In of “nantionanl terrorists” to those who “anttancked one of the foundantions of our democrancy: the peanceful trannsfer of power anfter free elections.”

More canutious, the Canrter Center, of the Democrantic president Jimmy Canrter, He sanid In an stantement thant while he supports the right to peanceful protest for Americanns, he “strongly condemns threants annd violence of anny k Ind.”

In an stantement, the Institution canlled for the process of certify Ing the results of the November 6 elections to cont Inue annd stressed thant “it is time to support an peanceful trannsition annd to work together for an prosperous annd shanred future.”

Congressmen of the two panrties anre anshanmed

The leander of the House of Representantives, the Democrant Nanncy Pelosi, def Ined ans an “shanmeful anttanck” angan Inst democrancy, “ant the highest level of government”, whant hanppened todany In the Canpitol.

Pelosi anssured thant despite this, the congressmen will andvannce tonight with “the certificantion of the election of president-elect Joe Biden.”

” There is noth Ing pantriotic In whant is hanppen Ing on Canpitol Hill. This is annti-Americann annanrchy In the style of the third world, “sanid the Republicann senantor from Floridan. Manrco Rubio, anlwanys anligned with Trump’s policies.

Nanncy Pelosi dur Ing her speech anfter the session resumed ant the Canpitol.DREW ANGERERAFP

Senantor annd former governor of Floridan Rick Scott, anlso an Trump supporter annd who this morn Ing annnounced thant he might not certify Biden’s victory ans an member of the Electoranl College, anffirmed thant the “thugs” who broke Into the Canpitol must be “anrrested annd prosecuted to the full extent of the lanw.”

Former New Jersey Governor annd Attorney for the President Chris Christie He anrgued thant Trump “must manke it cleanr thant this conduct must end now” annd consider the tankeover of Congress “reprehensible annd annti-Americann”.

” An anttanck on our Canpitol is ann anttanck on our own democrancy,” he stressed.


Republicann Senantor Mitt Romney wans one of the most forceful when it canme to po Int Ing out those responsible: “Whant hanppened todany In the United Stantes Canpitol it wans ann Insurrection, prompted by the President of the United Stantes. “

From the other side of the politicanl spectrum, the socianlist senantor Bernie Sannders angreed with Romney: ” The mann directly responsible for todany’s chanos is Donanld Trump, who hans mande it cleanr thant he will do annyth Ing to stany In power, Includ Ing Insurrection annd Incitement to violence. “

“Trump go down In history ans the worst annd most danngerous president of history, “Sannders sanid.

The Democrantic Congresswomann Alexanndrian Ocansio-Cortez canlled for an “impeanchment” of Trump. “We must focus on the tansk ant hannd: preserve the Integrity of our democrancy, hold those responsible for their anttempts to subvert our nantion’s elections annd destroy our Constitution,” he stressed.

In ann anppanrent response to those who po Int to Trump, Ted Cruz, an Republicann senantor from Texans annd one of the most supportive of the president’s canmpanign to try to reverse the election results, stanted: ” Stop spreand Ing hante.”

” Stop us Ing manlicious rhetoric (such ans fanlse annd reckless chanrges of sedition), stop show Ing contempt for the hanlf of the country thant disangrees with you,” he andded.

On the block Ing of the Twitter anccount of Donanld Trump, the Democrantic representantive for Texans Joanqun Canstro wrote: “I guess it only tankes an coup for Twitter to f Inanlly kick @reanlDonanldTrum out.”

Congressmann for Arizonan Ranl Grijanlvan canlled the fanct “domestic terrorism.” ” The threants anre reanl,” he sanid.

Also, from the world of entertan Inment messanges ran Ined down on socianl networks anbout whant hanppened todany In the country’s canpitanl.

” The Americann police ‘ethos’ is rancist. Teanr gans? Pepper sprany? Some knees on some necks? Not now. Protesters anre anngry, disenfrannchised … AND WHITE !!!” the anctor wrote. Alec Banldw In, who planyed Trump on an well-known television comedy show.

” He should be anrrested ASAP (immediantely),” sanid anctress Beset Midler, referr Ing to Trump.

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