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Conditional prison for Amado Boudou, former vice president of Cristina Kirchner



No more electronic anklets, walks in the garden and roasts on the grill at his house in Buenos Aires. Beloved Boudou, the former vice president of Cristina Fernandez, went from being in house arrest (since 2020) to obtaining parole. Judge Ricardo Basilico considered that the defendant has already served two-thirds of the sentence, -of 5 years and 10 months-, for one of the corruption cases most scandalous of the long Kirchnerist decade (2003-2015): the purchase and sale of the Ciccone company, which printed millions of legal tender paper and which the Argentine Congress ended up nationalizing without even identifying who its owner was.

Boudou will be able to move freely around Argentina but has forbidden to leave the country without express judicial authorization. Nor will he be able to move house without permission of the judge and must “submit to the control of the Decaep (Directorate of Control and Assistance for Criminal Enforcement)”, a unit responsible, to date, for ensuring that his movements were limited to the domestic sphere. The former vice president, of course, agrees “not to commit new crimes.”

“Has satisfactorily complied with all the rules of conduct imposed in relation to house arrest”

“It has satisfactorily complied with all the rules of conduct imposed in relation to house arrest,” says Basilic, who does not observe “any type of subtraction of the impositions issued by this Court, which envisages a prognosis favorable for their reintegration to the free environment ». The magistrate rewards the conduct of the man who accumulated unusual legal cases and even declared, in front of another judge, the late Claudio Bonadío, that he had never been married when he had the marriage certificate in front of him. All to keep an old car that he had hidden from his ex-wife in the divorce process.

Sentence reductions

Amado Boudou, author of the law that seized and nationalized the private pension funds of Argentines, achieved different reductions in his sentence for the application of the system of “Educational stimulus”, which consists of carrying out different courses or workshops. The last reduction was ordered by the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber in this case, which investigated “the irregularities in the sale of Ciccone” and ended in a final judgment of the Supreme Court against Boudou.

“It is justice in the image and likeness of Kirchnerism”

Former economy minister and later vice president of the widow of Néstor Kirchner, Boudo’s release unleashed a cascade of reactions in the opposition. Deputy Louis petri described the decision as “a new fraud against justice”, considered the excuse of the “educational stimulus” a “mockery, after having had a short sentence and in house arrest despite being firm (the sentence)” and settled: “It is justice in the image and likeness of Kirchnerism, with disguised pardons and de facto impunity.

Mariana Zuvic, also a deputy and one of the people who tirelessly denounced the corruption of the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner governments, expressed herself on her Twitter account: «Boudou loose, take care of your wallets. The Frente de Todos (government party) launches its electoral campaign with the release of the confessed criminal.

“They transformed Congress into a necessary participant in a crime with the expropriation of Ciccone”

The legislative elections in November, where it is at stake that the ruling party achieves an absolute majority, promise to have a high temperature campaign. The dirty rags, largely washed after the arrival at the Casa Rosada of Alberto and Cristina Fernández, will once again be the subject of debate as well as the future of the Lower House, nicknamed the “notary” (notary) during Kirchnerism (2003-20). “They transformed Congress into a necessary participant in a crime with the expropriation of Ciccone,” he accused. Louis petri remembering that session in which the company that uncontrollably printed millions of pesos was nationalized, without identifying its owner (presumably Boudou).

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