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Coney Island is getting ready to reopen this Friday, April 9 after closing due to the pandemic

Coney Island has magic in the summer, but fades in the winter.

Bruce Emmerling / Pixabay

Coney Island, one of the most emblematic places in New York City, is preparing to reopen its doors, starting this Friday, April 9, after having been closed for 18 months, between October 2019 and the Coronavirus pandemic.

The reopening of the famous park, which includes the Luna Park and the attractions of Deno’s Wonder Wheel iron city, it occurs just as the Big Apple already exceeds the application of 4.6 million doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 and the contagion averages are in the order of 6.6%.

Although New Yorkers and tourists will enjoy Coney Island Since Friday, managers of the place said that strict rules and protocols will be maintained to prevent the increase in infections and guarantee the safety of all visitors.

In addition to the basic rules of protection against COVIDLike the permanent use of masks, there will be restrictions on physical distancing, reduced capacity, controlled admissions, and remote food and seating areas. In the same way, hand disinfection points will be installed and there will be frequent cleaning

And as a way to honor the work they have done during the pandemic, the first trip on the famous Cyclone, which will mark the restart of work in Coney Island, will be for a group of workers from the local hospital and 500 frontline workers will be able to enter at no cost.

“It is incredibly exciting to finally have Luna Park in Coney Island full of guests and joy after a very challenging year,” he said. Alessandro Zamperla, President and CEO of Central Amusement International Inc. “We are tremendously grateful to all of our frontline workers, the heroes who have saved countless lives and continue to help our community heal.”

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Zamperla added that Luna Park also comes with six new attractions for kids, including swings and roller coasters including: Circus Candy, Fire Patrol, Rainbowheel, AeroMax, Grand Prix and Mini Mouse.

Dennis Vourderis, co-owner of the amusement park Deno’s Wonder Wheel, declared himself very excited about the reopening, and guaranteed that they will give priority to safety.

“We are very grateful to finally have the opportunity to show the public that we can operate our parks safely for visitors,” he said.

The Borough President of Brooklyn, and candidate for Mayor of New York, Eric Adams He said the reopening of Coney Island, which this year will celebrate the centennial of Deno’s Wonder Wheel, which could not be celebrated in 2020, is a positive boost for his county’s economy.

“Coney Island Attractions are synonymous with summer in Brooklyn, and their closure last year was a blow to all of us. We are delighted to see the amusement district return better than ever, which will reinvigorate the local economy and allow visitors to enjoy the unique attractions with their friends and family, ”said the politician.

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