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Confinement in Madrid | Confined seven new basic health zones and end restrictions in another seven



The Government of the Community of Madrid has tightened mobility restrictions in seven basic health zones from the municipalities of Madrid, Fuenlabrada and Alcobendas.

Thus, the confinements that will come into force this Monday and will continue for 14 days, until December 7, affect, in Madrid, the basic health areas of Vicálvaro Arilleros (Vicálvaro district) and The Elipa (Linear City).

Also, in Fuenlabrada the basic areas of Cuzco, new Castile and Alicante. For its part, Alcobendas closes the morale.

The regional government has also decided lift restrictions on seven other basic zones for presenting a decrease in the transmission of coronavirus greater than 50% in the last 14 days.

In the municipality of Madrid, the areas where confinement is left behind is in Núñez Morgado (district of Chamartín), Angel Gate (Latina), Villaalmil (Tetouan), Virgin of Begoña (Fuencarral).

In Coslada, the basic areas of Puerto neighborhood and Doctor Tamames and in Speaks the one of Painters.

In this way, and according to data provided by the general director of Public Health, Elena Andradas, at a press conference this Friday, 9.3% of the population of the Community of Madrid would suffer restrictions on mobility as of this Monday. A population that contributes 11.8% of all cases in the region.

Lower the threshold

Given the downward trend in cases in the community, the Madrid Regional Ministry of Health has decided to lower the threshold by which surgical restrictions on movement are applied, from 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 400.

Andradas has indicated that the region currently has a cumulative incidence of cases at 14 days of 297.

Restrictions in basic health zones

Therefore, the main criteria of the regional government for the selection of basic health areas are: accumulated incidence of 14 days greater than 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, accumulated incidence with a stable or increasing trend, and geographic contiguity that facilitates the perimeter control of the mobility.

In these areas entry or exit is restricted except for work, medical reasons, access to educational centers; assistance to the elderly, minors or dependents; access to banking or insurance, legal or administrative entities.

The playgrounds will remain closed in these areas, and the capacity of the places of worship is reduced to a third. The rest of the capacity and hours of activity remain as in the rest of the region.

Restrictions throughout the region

The curfew is in force throughout the Community of Madrid between 00:00 and 6:00. In that time slot, circulation is prohibited except for justified cause (work, return home). Social gatherings, both in public and private spaces, cannot exceed six people who are not living together.

The capacity is reduced by half, both in shops and restaurants and in places of worship and leisure, except in cinemas, theaters and other cultural centers, and terraces, which can be at 75%. Shops must close at 10 pm, except pharmacies, gas stations and other essential services; and bars and restaurants will not be able to accept customers after 11pm.

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