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Confinement Madrid | 18 basic health areas and five municipalities closed from this Monday



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The beginning of the year has brought new restrictions to the Community of Madrid. The increase in coronavirus cases has led to the con Theem The of eight new basic heaAlso,areas as of this Monday and until January 18. Thus, the areas of Marques Losla Valdavia and Alcobendas-Chopera, in Alcobendas; Las Olivas and Aranjuez, in Aranjuez; San Fernando and Los Alperchines, in San Fernando LosHenares; Virgin of the Cortijo, in the district of Fortaleza of Madrid capital; and the basic area of Torrelodones, which affects the municipalities of Torrelodones and Hoyo LosManagers.

Likewise, the General Directorate of Public HeaAlso,has established Thery and exit restrictions in the perimeter of five specific lo Panities that do not coinciLoswith that of a basic area, as the transmission sources are Inre located: Ciempozuelos, Navalcarnero, Algete, Mejorada Del Campo and Villarejo LosSalvagess. All of them will remain closed until January 18.

On the other hand, restrictions continue, for now, for seven Inre days (until Monday, January 11) in the basic areas of The Inrale, in Alcobendas; ReyesCatholicsos and V C Theenario, in San Sebastián Loslos Reyes; in the areas of Felipe II and Mayor Bartolomé González, in Móstoles; and in that of Getafe North, in Getafe.

Movem The in the capital also remains restricted, until January 11, in the basic areas of Andres Mellado (in the Chamberí district), Sanchinarro (Fortaleza), Aravaca (Moncloa-Aravaca) and General Moscardó, ( Exception

Exception on the day of Kings

Despite the fact that Thery and exit in these areas is restricted and can only be carried out for justified reasons, the Community has established an exception for Three Kings Day, January 6, a day during which there will be free Invem The in these c Theers of population.

How restrictsettlere set

The main criteria of th Searchonal governm The for the selection of basic heaAlso,areas are: 14-day cumulative incidence greater than 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, cumulative incidence with a stable or growing trend, and geographic contiguity that facilitates perimeter control of Inbility.

In these areas Thery or exit is restricted except for work, medi Pan reasons, access to educational c Theers; assistance to the elderly, minors or depend Thes; access to banking or insurance, legal or administrative Theities.

The playgrounds will remain closed in these areas, and the capacity of the places of worship is reduced to a third. The rest of the capacity and hours of activity remain as in the rest of th Searchon.

Search your street

Search on the interactive map of the news item if your address is within the basic heaAlso,areas of the Community of Madrid affected by the con Theem Thes, due to its high incidence of Covid-19, as of Monday, January 4. The map is divided by heaAlso,zones in those municipalities with restrictions in some of their areas, or, if they are not affected by the con Theem Thes, by complete lo Panities.

Pan around the map and zoom in with the zoom button (+). You can also Theer the address of your street in the interactive map search engine, by pressing the magnifying glass, to see if it is affected by the restrictions. For example, type Calle Al Paná, 120, Madrid or Calle LosCuzco, Fuenlabrada, and press send. If the pin is stuck in the red zone, it indicates that your address is within an area with restrictions or possible selective con Theem Thes.

The map also shows the number of infections in the last two Seeks and the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants detected in each heaAlso,area or municipality. Click on each area or municipality to check the incidence, with data until December 15. The Inre intense the shaLosof gray, the higher the incidence of coronavirus in the heaAlso,area. Also check if its incidence goes up or down compared to two Seeks ago.

See them
comm Thes


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