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Conflict in the Rivera family? Chiquis’s strong messages after winning at the 2020 Latin Grammy

Conflict in the Rivera family?  Chiquis's strong messages after winning at the 2020 Latin Grammy

Chiquis Rivera wins at the Latin Grammy.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy / Cortesía

Chiquis Rivera had a lot to celebrate with his great triumph in the Latin Grammy 2020. The daughter of Jenni Rivera he won for his album “Playlist” and celebrated it big with all his loved ones.

However, hours after his achievement, messages appeared on Twitter that gives the impression that there was a conflict between the Rivera family, particularly with their uncles.

“The people you least expect will try to make it rain on your parade… but don’t worry. The rain cleans. Cleanses the skies of smog, while bringing in pretty fluffy clouds. Oh, and don’t forget, after the rain comes a beautiful rainbow ”, the famous one posted on Twitter.

It was not only Chiquis who wrote messages on the digital platform alluding to a break in the family. Johnny lopez, also published a message that left many thinking.

“Nobody wins when the family fights. We are all screwed because we don’t have the tools. You think small, I think big. Your whole past is in danger, ten Mississippi, ”was Johnny’s message.

Also Chiquis’s sister, Jenicka Lopezadded a message about the family.

“I can’t wait to have my own family where the support between us will never stop. NO MATTER WHAT ”, published the makeup artist.

“Some of you are mad these days over nothing,” was another tweet from Jenicka.

Chiquis did not end there since another of his message spoke of divorcing “anything or person that takes away or does not give me inner peace, no matter how much I loved them.”

“There comes a point in your life that you have to accept that there are people who will NEVER love you well. No matter what you do, they will look for “the ugly one” … it is not your problem, if not theirs, “Chiquis also published.

It is worth mentioning that the only uncle of Chiquis who congratulated her publicly was Lupillo Rivera who put a series of emojis applauding the triumph of his niece.

Pedro Rivera, the singer’s grandfather also dedicated a few words to her after learning that she had won the Latin Grammy.

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