Sunday, May 9

Confusion and vaccinations without prior appointment at the CMO of Torrevieja to avoid destroying doses of Pfizer

The rate of vaccination in the morning presaged that many of the doses could remain unused, which is equivalent, in the case of this type of vaccine, to have to destroy the doses, which is what the appeal was intended to avoid. This newspaper has been able to confirm that several of the people who have come to that call have been effectively vaccinated: always older than 70 years. The health workers have also invited the companions of those mentioned to be vaccinated if they fulfilled that only requirement and could prove it with the health card and the DNI.

The Torrevieja City Council and the Ribera Salud health department management concessionaire assured mid-afternoon today, however, that it was a false call and that it should not be addressed. Something that has happened when in the CMO there were already a large number of neighbors asking to be vaccinated and who have had to return to their homes. Given the confusion generated, the Torrevieja Health Department had to clarify shortly after that “the news about mass vaccination without an appointment that circulates on social networks is false, that vaccination is being carried out in an orderly manner following the instructions of the authorities health and planning of the Ministry of Health “.

However, he has clarified “that it is important to note that the Ministry of Health authorizes the Health Departments to manage the daily surplus vaccines, administering them to citizens of the current age group”. In this sense, and without clarifying whether it was the decision of the Department or the concessionaire, “some people of the age group” over 70 years of age “who come to their Health Center have been vaccinated in a timely manner (in this case at CMO) without an appointment, in order not to waste these leftover Pfizer vaccines from patients who have not attended their call. In all cases, these are citizens who would receive their summons by SMS in the coming days. ” From the Torrevieja Health Department we ask for the collaboration of the public so that the vaccination process continues without incident and that they contact the health authorities with any questions.

The communication problems of the appointments have been constant in the Torrevieja health department since the mass vaccinations began. The appointments depend on the list made by Public Health, not on the concessionaire. They are done by SMS. Many of these notices reach people who live alone and who do not use their mobile. IINFORMATION He was able to verify that during the first day of mass vaccination, neighbors whose names did not coincide with their health card in the SMS, nor the age for which the vaccine was intended, had been summoned on that first day, AstraZeneca.

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