Thursday, December 2

Congress lawyers endorse the covid fund that Junts put into the Budgets

The spokeswoman for Junts per Catalunya en el Congreso, Míriam Nogueras.

The spokeswoman for Junts per Catalunya en el Congreso, Míriam Nogueras.

The General State Budgets for 2022 they will have, on paper, a covid fund of 9,362 million euros. The lawyers of Congress, in a report to which they have had access El Periódico de Catalunya, have endorsed the amendment submitted by Junts, and which was approved by PP, Vox, Cs, ERC and EH Bildu, despite the error it contained – there is a 2,000 million mismatch between the amount discharged and the amount discharged -. The services of the Chamber have proposed to PSOE, Unidas Podemos – those who voted against, together with the PNV – to present a private vote to reverse the change. However, socialist sources rule out this route or any other for now. Because for the Treasury, whatever happens with the remaining parliamentary procedure, this budget item is “unenforceable.”

Last Wednesday, the Budget Committee of the Lower House approved the amendment to create a fund of more than 9,000 million to face the aftermath of the coronavirus. The text stated that 1,600 million would go to Catalonia. Sources from the Ministry of Finance quickly warned that this item was “unenforceable” due to “insufficient credit.” María Jesús Montero insisted the next day: “Technically it is not possible.” In addition to an identification error between the different programs of the Budget project, the amendment added a loan of 9,362 million, but only canceled 7,005 million. The PSOE requested that the same Wednesday from the lawyers a letter on the possibility of returning to the report of the presentation, to the text prior to the change.

The high is more than 9,362 million, but the item that occurred in the low in the amendment promoted by Junts was 7,005 million. The numbers didn’t add up

The report reached the Bureau of the Budget Committee throughout Thursday. In a five-page document, the Chamber’s legal services approve the amendment, despite the errors it contains: “Although the amendment suffers from the aforementioned effects, its content is already part of the opinionEven so, they describe three possibilities to restore the affected credit: the correction of technical errors, the presentation of a transactional amendment – none of them would allow the elimination of the covid fund, but to adjust it to 7,005 million – and the registration of a private vote for “return to the original text”.

Without any action

The PSOE does not plan to implement any of the options, at least for now. Sources of the parliamentary leadership and the Government they rule out presenting a private vote to reverse the amendment. Furthermore, the initiative would fall on deaf ears in almost all probability. The political forces that supported the Junts text add up simple majority in the plenary session of Congress and they could overturn the measure. It is also ruled out, in principle, the possibility of registering an amendment in the Senate to remove the covid fund from the Budgets since the parliamentary arithmetic in the Upper House would not be on the side of socialists and purple either.

PSOE and United We Can, plus the PNV, would not have enough votes, by themselves, to return to the original text

Even so, sources from the Ministry of Finance insist that this item will be “unenforceable“Because it will not have the necessary funds to carry it out. The door opens, therefore, for the Government to let the amendment pass and then let it die by not launching the fund against the coronavirus.” Whatever happens in the Parlament, cannot be applied. It does not cancel any credit, because the item that the amendment canceled, directly, does not exist, “say sources from Montero’s team.

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