Thursday, December 9

Conservas Dani returns to Espanyol to sponsor grassroots football

  • “I have always been a man of grassroots football. It is what I have always liked,” says former president Sánchez Llibre, happy for his new relationship with the Parakeet club.

Canned Dani has signed an agreement to become, during the season 2021-2022, on grassroots sponsor club male. An agreement whereby all the Blue and White men’s soccer teams will wear the brand’s logo on the front of the game jersey, among other assets.

In addition, the image of Conservas Dani will have different supports in the Dani Jarque Sports City, where the blue and white youth football teams play their home games, and which, as a novelty this season, broadcasts live Spanish Medium, which multiplies the presence of the sponsors of this section of the club.

Reference quarry

“Conservas Dani demonstrates its trust for grassroots football of RCD Espanyol and is involved, once again, in an ambitious project whose final objective is to continue being one of the reference quarries both nationally and internationally, “says the parakeet club in its note.

Dani Sánchez Llibre, President of Conservas Dani, has explained his commitment to the club. “I have always been a man of grassroots football. It is what I have always liked. When I entered as a counselor, I collaborated a lot with Manel Casanova. Hopefully 70% or 80% of the first squad be it from grassroots football. The more grassroots football is worked on, the more players can be in the first team, “said the one who was president of Espanyol between 1997 and 2011.

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The “union” of parakeets

The general director and CEO of Espanyol, Jose Maria Duran, has pointed out that it is an “important sponsorship” for the entity. The leader stressed that this agreement “symbolizes many things: the union that exists and that we parrots help each other. We are happy that the family Sánchez Llibre has decided to bet on RCD Espanyol “.

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