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Conservative Borisov wins in Bulgaria but with insufficient majority to govern




The Conservative Party Boiko Borisov He won the Bulgarian elections yesterday, after having won previous ones in April but failed to form a government. On this occasion, the Citizens for European Development party of Bulgaria (GERB) has obtained the 22% of the votes, four points below the April result, thus demonstrating that the corruption scandals have weakened Borisov but not as much as analysts expected. According to the same exit polls, published last night by the Bulgarian media, the party protests ‘There is such a nation’, of a populist nature and led by the television star and singer-songwriter Stalnislav Trifonov, obtained 21.5% of the votes, stepping on the heels with ever greater voting power and once again making a government formation very difficult. The third formation with the most votes would be the Socialist Party, with around 14%, followed by the conservative Democratic Bulgaria (14%) and the leftist ‘Up Bulgaria, Mafisos out!’ that would enter parliament with 5.5%, while the party that brings together the Turkish minority, the Movement of Rights and Freedoms, would have obtained 11%.

«We will have to wait for the last vote to be counted to know the result for sure, but we can already anticipate that Parliament is again very fragmented and that an agreement between parties to govern will not be easy ”, judged from these data Genoveva Petrova, sociologist and director of Alpha Research, GERB continues to be quite isolated and it will be necessary to change the attitude of some of the parties, which does not It is safe. Petrova emphasizes that Borisov has denied having acted badly, during the long rain of news related to bad practices on the part of several of his ministers, and that this result denotes a confidence of the electorate in the center-right politician who, although he did not present himself as A candidate to avoid the burden of his image, he continues to lead the political formation from the background.

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While on his way to cast his vote yesterday morning, he repeated in fact the accusations against the interim government that has run the country since his resignation, accusations of unjustly attacking it. On the way to the urn he even said that they had “wreaked havoc” by trying to discredit him. “I have voted for GERB even though I am very upset by the excesses of that government, but the situation has become very complicated, we have been without a government for months and I have voted that way to facilitate stability,” the pensioner told Bulgarian television 67-year-old Georgi Panichev, after leaving the electoral college where he had voted in Sofia.

“The parties have to agree once and for all and form a government, to do things right once and for all so that our children do not have to emigrate when they are older,” said Victoria Nikolova, 34, who came to vote with her two young daughters.

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