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CONSTITUTION BRIDGE 2021 | What will the weather be like in Alicante on the December long weekend?

The skies will be slightly cloudy and slightly rising temperatures in Alicante during the Constitution bridge. According to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the sky will be slightly cloudy or clear on Saturday, with a light wind blowing from the west, although occasionally it will be strong on the coast and without ruling out stronger gusts in the interior. Maximum temperatures will register an ascent, which in Alicante it could reach 20 degrees with minimums that will present few changes.

For Sunday slightly cloudy skies are expected and the wind will blow from the west or northwest, with strong gusts in the inland regions and decreasing maximum temperatures, although the minimums will increase slightly in the southern half.

Refering to maritime forecast for the December long weekend in Alicante there will be a swell and waves of one meter.

It seems that it will not rain during the bridge, so both the people of Alicante and the visitors who spend these days in the province will be able to enjoy outdoor plans and activities.

Those who have decided to spend their days off in a rural house They will also be able to enjoy nature in all its splendor without the need for umbrellas or raincoats. The time will be ideal to perform hiking trails or other plans away from city centers.

Slight rise in temperatures during the bridge

Regarding temperatures, this day the maximums will rise in the Central system, the eastern third of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, the minimum in the Balearic Islands, eastern Catalonia, the Pyrenees and west of the Plateau, with weak frosts in the mountainous systems and scattered areas of Castile -La Mancha; few thermal changes in the rest of the country.

By province capitals, Alicante Almería, Huelva, Malaga, Murcia, Valencia and Seville will rise to 19-20 degrees, on the other side Ávila, Cuenca and Soria will barely pass 9-10 degrees; at night Teruel will drop to 2 degrees below zero.

The diurnal ones will go down in almost the whole country, more pronounced in the northern half and the Pyrenees, although in Alicante, Almería, Malaga, Murcia, Valencia and Seville will again reach the maximum with 17-19 degrees; The coldest day will be spent in parts of Aragon and both Castiles with daytime temperatures close to 6-7 degrees.

From Monday, day of the constitution, it will rain in the Central and Iberian systems and the sunniest weather will persist in the south and Mediterranean, prior to the arrival on Tuesday of a “deep storm” that, located over the British Isles, will leave a maritime storm in areas of the Atlantic and Cantabrian slopes.

On Wednesday, feast of the Immaculate, It is expected that the rains will spread over the next few days to almost the entire country and that temperatures will drop “significantly and there will again be significant thicknesses of snow” in high areas and mountainous systems.

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