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consultation in Elche for back problems

The objective is to restore the quality of life of the patient

The objective is to restore the quality of life of the patient

The spine supports the entire building of our body. Even more: the spinal column supports our spirits, our joy, our mind, our lucidity, our very soul … Because the spine is what makes us walk, come and go, direct us towards a goal. The spinal column sustains our whole life ”, explains the doctor Javier Sendra, spinal neurosurgeon specialist.

From the hand of Dr. Sendra his new consultation in Elche, where he will give full dedication to the treatment of the problems of spinal column, as well as surgical pathologies of the brain and nerves.

“Our goal is to offer our patients minimally aggressive treatments that restore quality of life and hope lost because of continual pain; because it must be recognized that conservative treatments and techniques do not always work ”, says the specialist.

Javier Sendra, spine specialist neurosurgeon.

His extensive experience in complex surgeries of spine, brain and nervous system allows you to advise your patients without bias on the best treatment option in each specific case.

“I have always maintained a philosophy of treatment using minimally invasive techniques, which gives our patients a much more favorable recovery and a quick incorporation to their usual activities and daily life ”, indicates the doctor.

Specializations of Dr. Sendra’s office

The consultation treats spinal problems, as well as surgical pathologies of the brain and nerves

Among the surgical specializations of Dr. Sendra highlights the endoscopic skull base surgery, of which it was pioneer in the Valencian Community in 2008.

This technique consists of operate brain tumors through the nostrils, using an endoscope, without the need to open the skull. This method is often preferable to traditional surgery, as it is less invasive, allows access to inaccessible areas, prevents craniofacial scars and improve results.

Dr. Sendra was a pioneer in endoscopic skull base surgery

Another frequent pathology, but unknown to the general public, is the trigeminal neuralgia: affected patients suffer a terrible pain in one area of ​​the face, and in a majority of cases they can be treated successfully by a neurosurgeon with experience in this disease.

If you have any of the problems mentioned, visit the new consultation in Elche, located in an emblematic place of the Palmeral, in the Avenida de Candalix, 35.

Contact information

Avenida de Candalix, 35, Elche

Tel: 699 300 516


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