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Consumption will defend those affected by the closure of Dentix

Dentix Clinic.

Dentix Clinic.
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The Ministry of Consumption will defend the rights of affected users after the closure of all dental services clinics of the Dentix company and will do so in coordination with the autonomous communities.

The department headed by Alberto Garzón numbers 101,481 people affected by the closure with treatments already paid in full or in part, in cash or through linked credits or otherwise.

Consumption was already thinking about the possibility of reaching this stage and, therefore, for months he had been working on various performances for protect users of this company.

The first of these lines is the reinforcement of the publicity of the rights of the affected persons, that depend on their specific situation: all those affected are informed of their right to request a refund of the amounts paid for services not provided.

Consumption is not aware, at the moment, that the order in which the bankruptcy is declared and the bankruptcy administration is appointed has been published, but Remember that the bankruptcy is requested and that those affected must claim their money before the bankruptcy administration, once it is public.

With this objective, last Friday from Consumption and the competent autonomous bodies an informative note was sent in which it was specified all the facts and rights that users have of the refund of the amounts paid and included the obligation of the company to provide the medical records.

The Ministry lets know those affected who have subscribed loans linked to banks to finance their treatments they have the right to stop paying fees upon cancellation of treatment. And the fact is that the Ministry estimates that of the total affected, 65% have signed related loans.

In addition, the General Directorate of Consumption has held meetings to test the viability of a possible purchase operation that assumes the pending treatments. This scenario contemplates the authorization of the operation by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Another leg that is being worked on has to do with credit issuers linked to the financing of oral treatments.

Consumption, together with the Bank of Spain, will hold meetings with the financial institutions that have offered these loans in the coming days so that customers stop paying pending payments and that banks return the amounts already paid for services not provided.

To do this, they will be asked to be proactive and inform users of their rights and to interrupt the charges of the receipts as soon as they are aware that Dentix has stopped providing the services.

For months, in addition, according to the Garzón Ministry, the Government has been working -Consumption and Health- to expand oral coverage in the basic public health portfolio and studies that the companies that provide health services have a regime of reinforced guarantees.

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