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Contempt for the medal, racist insults, aggressions and empty Wembley, the evil losing of England that outrages the world



England lost the Eurocup and, also, a great opportunity to prove to be a great team and to have an exemplary hobby. The medal-collecting parade left, once again, an unworthy image of footballers, surely the athletes with the greatest ego and the worst management of defeat.

As it happened with him United in the final of the Europa League that he lost against Villarreal, the vast majority of English internationals removed the medal from their necks as soon as they received it from Ceferin, the UEFA president. A very ugly gesture that is being widely criticized on the networks, both by anonymous and by celebrities of all kinds. Even Liam Gallagher showed his anger, defining it as a lack of respect.

Liam wasn’t the only one. Athletes, presenters, fans, journalists, actors, ex-footballers … There was an endless number of criticisms of a gesture that would be unthinkable in any other sporting discipline and competition. Finishing second is painful because it means that you came very close to winning, but reaching a final is a great achievement. Therefore, it does not deserve the scorn of mistreating a medal that, even if it is silver, it costs a lot to obtain it.

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But here the evil did not end losing England. Fans are also taking a flood of clubs. There were racist shouts at Rashford, Sancho and Saka for their misses in the penalty shot. The English football association said it was’ shocked ‘and’ disgusted ‘by the racist comments made on social media against these three players:’ We are disgusted that some of our team members, who gave their all for the jersey this summer (boreal), have been the target of discriminatory attacks on the network after tonight’s game, “said the association yesterday morning. “We stand behind our players,” he added.

«The FA strongly condemns all forms of discrimination and is shocked by the racism on social media against some of England players»Added the English Football Association in another statement. “We say with the utmost clarity that whoever is behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome among the fans of this team.” London police claimed to be “investigating” the “insulting and racist” posts, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself expressed his distaste for these acts.

Wembley is left empty

In addition, just after the final, the vast majority of local fans began to leave Wembley, causing the trophy to be presented live only by the 6,000 Italian fans present at the London Coliseum. The other 60,000 they were already outside Wembley, licking their wounds without showing respect or honor to the champion. The finishing touch to a horrendous day in terms of the behavior of an important sector of the English public, who already messed up before the game with riots, fights, drinking bottles and even altercations to sneak into the stadium.

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