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Controversial: Oakland Athletics minor leaguers showed photos of their “unacceptable” meals

The team president condemned the poor conditions to which his players, staff and coaches were subjected.

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A controversial situation was unleashed in the world of organized baseball as a result of some photographs that were leaked by minor league players belonging to the Oakland Athletics. The images show the foods who were receiving these players after their encounters. By quantity, and quality, probably they are not best suited for a high performance athlete.

The images were disseminated by the account “Advocates for Minor Leaguers”, which is responsible for fighting through Twitter for the rights of players who are on the “farms” of the MLB.

Players from the Oakland Athletics organization shared these images of their last post-game meals. No employer would serve these meals to employees who care. Why is Oakland serving this to future players in the majors?“Reads the tweet.

In the first meal we appreciate a very modest sandwich, accompanied by what seems to be a kind of salad. In the second, a burrito with practically no filling.

Dave Kaval, president of the Oakland Athletics, spoke about it, citing the aforementioned tweet: “This was totally unacceptable. When we found out a few weeks ago, we finalized the agreement with the seller. We apologize to our players, staff and coaches. We will redouble our efforts to provide our team with the best options at each level“, He sentenced.

The SFGATE medium expanded the information of the case, and according to the source from which they are based, the photo of the sandwich dates from May 18, while that of the “burrito” is from May 28. In addition, the unacceptable meals would have been received by two different categories of the organization. Obviously, the source preferred to remain anonymous.

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