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Controversial Pennsylvania billboard criticizes Biden for making the Taliban great again

US President Joe Biden.

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A “billboard” on Interstate 82 from York County in Pennsylvania singles out US President Joe Biden for making the Taliban great again.

Drivers passing through the area have seen the message against the Biden Administration and its handling of the crisis in Afghanistan in the wake of the seizure of power by the terrorist group after 20 years of US occupation, according to the ABC 27 report.

On the sign, Biden is seen in a military uniform with a gun in hand along with the phrase, “Making the Taliban great again.”

The television station’s report states that the ad company “Trone Outdoor Advertising”, which provides advertising services in both Pennsylvania and Maryland and Delaware, raised the “billboard.” At the request of former Republican State Senator Scott Wagner.

“The individual who is responsible for the ‘billboard” is Scott Wagner. He gave us permission to make it known that he is responsible for it, ”said Trone Outdoor Vice President Brian Scott.

Wagner was elected as a state legislator in 2014 and served one term representing District 28.

In June 2018, he resigned to run as a Republican nominee for the Interior, a contest in which his opponent Tom Wolf won.

“I saw the image, I got it from a friend a few weeks ago. The image tells the story. We got out of Afghanistan too fast, and we left too much military equipment. Joe Biden has made us look like fools. I feel so bad, words cannot describe what I would say to someone who has been injured or the family of a soldier who has died in the country after what happened, ”Wagner said when asked about the message.

On August 31, US withdrew its military troops from Afghanistan as he had anticipated weeks ago amid talks with the Taliban who did not want the date extended. Dozens of Americans were stranded in the Central Asian country.

Shortly before the official departure of US military personnel, militants from an ISIS (Islamic State) affiliate in Afghanistan carried out a suicide attack near Kabul airport that left 170 dead, among these, 13 US Marines.

A drone attack by the US a day later killed 10 people, including children. Among those killed is a man who, according to the North American country, was related to the previous attack.

However, his relatives claim that he was a humanitarian employee of a non-profit organization based in the United States.

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