Sunday, September 26

Controversy in Boston: Kyrie Irving stomped on the Celtics shield and a fan threw a bottle at him

Irving has become Boston’s greatest enemy.

Maddie Malhotra / Getty Images

Irregular situations in the NBA continue– First we saw the popcorn thrown at Westbrook, then the spit at Trae Young. This Sunday, the event was even more serious: a fan threw a bottle of water at Kyrie Irving, just when he was heading to the locker room after the Brooklyn Nets beat the Boston Celtics (126-141), in game 4 of the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

A source confirmed to ESPN that the fan who apparently threw the water bottle had already been arrested by authorities.

Seconds before, Irving, who lost with 39 points and 11 rebounds against his former team, stomped on the Boston Celtics logo in the middle of the court. It is a provocation, of course. We have seen it in other disciplines such as American football with greater regularity -the act of stepping on or celebrating on the opponent’s logo-, but it does not justify in the least the aggression to which it could be subjected later.

Rivalry between Irving and Boston

What today looks like one of the NBA’s greatest feuds has a long enough history to be considered that way: Irving was traded by Cleveland to the Celtics, but did not achieve the goal of winning a championship for Boston. The departure was not on good terms.

The atmosphere heated up prior to the first round of the Playoffs when Irving commented that he hoped he would not hear racist comments against him when he visited Boston..

Jaylen Brown, figure of the Celtics, He replied noting that the problem of racism in the United States could not be reduced or focused on a postseason game..

The chants against “Uncle Drew” were heard in the TD Garden from the first moment that Irving stepped on the court. And although in game 3 he could not respond, he did in game 4 with baskets of all kinds.

“We are not in a circus. Grow up the fuck and enjoy the gameKevin Durant, Kyrie’s partner, commented after the incident.

Brooklyn dominates the series 3-1, and it probably won’t return to Boston, but will come to an end with another Nets win in their yard.

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