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Cooltra consolidates its service with the Spanish police forces

Cooltra consolidates its service with the Spanish police forces

Cooltra consolidates its service with the Spanish police forces

Cooltra, a leader in mobility on two wheels in Europe and a pioneer in the incorporation and consolidation of the motorcycle renting service in the Public Administration, consolidates its presence in Spanish police forces in 2021.

The company will close the year with the delivery of 244 vehicles -buying and renting- more than 20 new municipalities scattered throughout the territory, which represents a growth of more than 90% compared to the previous year, when 126 were delivered. Catalonia, Madrid, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Aragon and Valencian Community are the autonomous communities where the fleets are destined, and more and more cities are they opt for renting.

This year the councils of Esparraguera, Olesa de Montserrat, Mollet, Vila-Seca, Soller, Sant Adrià, Calvià, Gandía, Valsequillo, Novelda, Parla, L’Escala, Granada, Marbella and Cerdanyola will also have Cooltra motorcycles in this last modality. del Vallès.

Autonomous Police

The Cooltra fleet renting It allows administrations to have state-of-the-art vehicles, guarantee their maintenance without making a new tender, include comprehensive insurance and rationalize costs.

In addition, they always have replacement motorcycles, thus guaranteeing uninterrupted service. Thanks to its benefits Mossos d’Esquadra have incorporated for the first time this year 45 Cooltra vehicles in this mode to your fleet.

Public administration

And the incorporation of electric fleets in the police forces of the Spanish Public Administration is gaining ground. Of the 244 motorcycles that will have been delivered at the end of the year, more than half are electric, thus helping to reduce pollution, avoiding the emission of one ton of CO2 every two years. In addition, they represent significant savings, since an electric motorcycle for the citizen security service spends 87% less, which is equivalent to a saving of 870 euros for every 15,000 km.

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Vila-Seca, Novelda, L’Escala, Cerdanyola, Arenys de Munt, Salt and Getafe are some of the municipalities that opt ​​for electric vehicles in 2021. But who will drive the real growth in that sense is the General Directorate of the Police in Madrid that, before the end of the year, will add 80 motorcycles of this type to its fleet.

“We anticipate that the use of our vehicles by the administration will continue to grow in general lines and we are fully convinced that the electric option will continue to expand. And it is that more and more police forces that under the Cooltra umbrella are betting on incorporating electric motorcycles to their official fleets in order to lead the transition towards sustainable mobility ”, says Cooltra’s B2B general director, Damien Martin.

Currently Cooltra already works with more than 100 municipalities throughout the Spanish territory with a fleet of more than 560 vehicles, of which more than half – about 300 – are electric.

Electric motorcycles

Cooltra is official awardeel in two framework agreements for the Public Administration, which allow organizations to acquire combustion and electric motorcycles without the need for a previous tender, facilitating the contracting processes.

On the one hand, it is part of the State Framework Agreement managed by the Centralized Contracting Board (JCC), which indicates that it is the only supplier of electric motorcycles, which means that organizations that want to buy electric motorcycles without having to go to public tender can do so directly with it; and, on the other, in Catalonia, within the Sustainable Mobility Framework Agreement, Cooltra is the official contractor of the Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM), thus facilitating the supply of electric motorcycles to all municipalities that so desire.

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