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COP26 | Leaders from around the world attend the crucial event for the planet

Grandiose speeches at the opening of the COP26 in Glasgow. Described as the last chance for the world to deal with the climate crisis. More than 120 heads of state and government attended the summit. Among them the Chinese and the Russian president have been absent.

At the inauguration, the British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, has stressed that the world is tied to a “device that marks the day of doomsday” and has demanded that the poorest countries be helped in the transition. “For 200 years, industrialized countries completely ignored the problem they were creating. Now we have a duty to find those funds: 100 billion dollars a year that were promised in Paris for 2020, but that we will not deliver until 2023.” Johnson has emphasized.

The Prince carlos, heir to the British throne, on Monday urged the world to “up in arms” to face the climate emergency. He advocated promoting a campaign “military style” to channel “the strength of the global private sector”, with “billions at your disposal.” According to him, the contribution of companies, which move more capital than governments, are “the only real possibility of achieving a true economic transition.”

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has stressed that it is about “saving humanity” at a time when he is digging his grave: “Even in the best of times, temperatures will rise well above two degrees. So as this summit on climate change happens, we are still heading for climate disaster. Young people know it. Every country sees it. Small island developing states and other vulnerable states live it. And for them, failure is not an option. Failure is a death sentence. “

Guterres has urged the major powers to act faster, as they contribute the majority of global emissions and has announced the creation of a new group of experts that will propose standards to measure the commitments of companies and other non-state actors. .

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Some of the headlines of the speeches that the day leaves us are that the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced Spain’s commitment to increase its contribution to the Green Climate Fund by 50 percent until reaching 1,350 million euros per year from 2025

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, has offered the creation of a new 60,000 square kilometer marine reserve in the Galapagos Islands in exchange for the “largest debt-for-conservation swap ever made in the world.”

The Acting Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has indicated that the rich countries “have special responsibility” in leading the cut of harmful gases and must fulfill their promise to contribute.

The president of United States, Joe biden, has called for it to be “the starting point of a decade of ambition and innovation” to combat the “existential threat” of climate change.

Xi Jinping will intervene in the COP26 through a written statement. The Chinese president, who has not left his country since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, was expected to intervene through a video. But finally, according to the official program released by the organization of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Xi will send a written statement.

Russia which will also not attend the summit, will invest between 1.5% and 2% of its GDP in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels, according to the new strategy adopted today by the Government coinciding with the climate summit, COP26, which is held in Glasgow (United Kingdom).

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