Sunday, June 20

Copa América 2021 in Brazil: “It is incredible that the second country by number of covid deaths will host a continental event”

  • Rafael Barifouse
  • BBC News Brazil, Sao Paulo

Portrait of Miguel Nicolelis

Image source, BBC Brazil


Miguel Nicolelis is a neuroscientist and professor at Duke University in the USA.

The celebration of the Copa América in Brazil could be “the last straw” for the situation in the country to lead to a third wave of cases and deaths from covid-19.

This analysis is by Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, professor of Neuroscience at Duke University, in the United States.

Nicolelis coordinated for ten months the scientific committee to fight the virus of the consortium of governments of the Northeast of Brazil, but since February he has spoken independently.

In an interview with BBC News Brazil, he argues that some legal measure should be adopted to prevent the holding of competition in the country and, if it is held anyway, that the population boycott the event.

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