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Córdoba does not invite anyone to the party

Guille Perero shows his frustration at the Cordebsa celebration party that moved to the Romano stands. / JOSE MANUEL ROMERO


The leader, who was promoted at half-time, stole a point from an inferior and physically diminished Mérida with five minutes to go


Córdoba celebrated the promotion at halftime more than the goal that gave them the victory five minutes from the end. But even so, he decided to win the game for the almost 1,500 Cordobans who traveled to Mérida to experience the live performance of his team’s alirón. Also because Juanma Barrero’s team had to play with one less for more than an hour of the game due to a debatable expulsion of Nacho González. The central defender from Mérida claimed a penalty that was not at 21 in the first half and, while he was falling, hit the Verdiblanco defender’s side with his studs and the Valencian referee did not even think about it: a direct red card.

From then on, Mérida, who had the match exactly where they wanted it, the plan slipped from their hands. Because the team, in the first half, despite playing with one less than more than half of it, matched Córdoba’s forces, and that since the 5th the match began to be uphill: Héctor Camps He suffered a micro-tear while braking and had to be replaced by Diego López, who had just come out of a sprain. The two full-backs were then two wingers: Álvaro Ramón on the left and Guille Perero on the right. Because Felipe Alfonso sprained his ankle in the penultimate training session of the week and couldn’t make it.

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Removing the initial rebound, which was awarded to Córdoba, Mérida gradually settled into the game and began to step on the rival area, take a corner and finish off lateral fouls that made the leader wince. In fact, the first dangerous chance for Germán Crespo’s team came just before the break, after a rehearsed corner that ended up licking one of Javi Montoya’s posts after a double shot from De las Cuevas and Bernardo Cruz.

And then, still in rest time, the Córdoba squad rushed out of the locker room tunnel towards the north end to celebrate, in the middle of their game, their championship and consequent promotion to the First Federation: the Cacereño clash in Villanueva had ended and Julio Cobos’ team had lost. The only thing missing was for the Mérida to make the corridor at that precise moment, because all of Córdoba was concentrating on the shouts, the chants and the jumps that separated the north end of that area.

So the second half started drenched in chloroform, with Córdoba savoring its rise and with Mérida settling for a draw. It was gold, after the defeat of the second classified in Villanueva. Juanma Barrero had delayed Mario Robles to accompany Emilio Cubo in the axis of defense and, hanging on the two of them, the team fell back, defended like a man possessed and came out every time he stole. As the minutes passed (obviously) he came out less, due to fatigue, but in one of them, which was also a long play, Lolo Pla finished off a cross from Guille Perero at the near post to the nose of Carlos Marín that almost made it 1-0 .


Carlos Marin; José Ruiz, José Cruz (Luismi Redondo, min. 60), Bernardo Cruz (Visus, min. 46), Gudelj; Javi Flores, Álex Bernal (Viedma, min. 70), Simo, Adrián Fuentes, De las Cuevas (Antonio Casas, min. 46); and willy

  • GOAL
    0-1: Antonio Casas, min. 85.

    Rodríguez Carpallo, from the Valencian school. He expelled Nacho González from Mérida (21) with a direct red card. In addition, the locals saw yellow Guille Perero and Gaspar and the visitors, Carlos Marín, Bernardo Cruz, Gudelj and Adrián Fuentes.

    Around 4,900 spectators at the Romano José Fouto stadium. Best entry of the season. Córdoba celebrated their promotion to the First Federation at half-time and the players interrupted their intermission to go out and celebrate with the more than 1,500 fans who traveled to Mérida.

Everything that Mérida grew in confidence, because what happened with Emilio Cubo and Mario Robles, in each cut, correction and dispute was supernatural, he lost his breath. And on top of that, Córdoba, despite the fact that he had everything done, kept putting in more wood: he brought in a striker like Luismi and began to close with three, to use the depth of his two bands.

And although Javi Montoya appeared (and in a big way: it was surely his best performance of the season), because it is not normal for the rival goalkeeper not to appear against a rival like Córdoba, he was unable to stop a cross from Antonio Casas five minutes of the end that sank more to the Romano that raised the celebration of the north end even more.

After brutal wear and tear, Mérida lost a point that would have tasted like gold. In the Romano, she only celebrated the Córdoba.

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The Córdoba players celebrated their promotion to Primera RFEF with their fans. /


Juanma Barrero: «All my players have done a great job»

In the penultimate training session, Felipe Alfonso, his starting right back, falls off. Five minutes later, Héctor Camps, the left side, breaks. After twenty minutes, they expel him to his central. And the other, Bonaque, in the stands sanctioned. And even so, his team competed until 85 against the well-deserved owner and lord of the group. «For me it has been a great job by all my players. Eleven against eleven, the game was where we had wanted. We were all the time playing in their field, bothering them a lot. And having arrivals. But with one less, against this team, things got very complicated. We have recomposed ourselves and the work to minimize its virtues has been brutal. And we played the game quite well, but… In the end we played Russian roulette but we had no more legs to finish in his area».

And the coach from Mérida did not like the performance of the Valencian Rodríguez Carpallo, but more because of the decisions during the game than because of the expulsion itself, which he admitted he did not see: «Last week, against Antequera, huge kicks could be hit and it did not happen any. And this week, the ones who wanted to go strong were us, any friction was a foul. When we want to play ourselves, the referee allows everything. And when we wanted to go strong, he does not allow anything. Well, nothing… he had a bad day and it happened to us, but he’s done”.

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