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Cordovan invasion in the Roman

The numerous fans of Córdoba, a luxury for any team. / ABC Cordoba

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Córdoba, which could be promoted to First Federation on Saturday, has asked Mérida for 3,500 tickets to fill its northern fund

PR Merida

Mérida could play as a visitor this Saturday at the Romano for the first time in its history. Córdoba, which is worth a point to be promoted to the First Federation, has asked the Mérida club for 3,500 tickets. If they complete the ordeal and sell them all, the Roman fans would have a hard time outnumbering them, because the best entry of the season at the Municipal Stadium in Mérida failed to exceed 2,500 spectators. And on top of that, the duel is on Holy Saturday, with many long-distance fans and with a half day of the club in sight.

It could be the first game in the history of Romano where the visiting fans outnumber the locals. Already last week, the club from Mérida sent a total of 300 tickets to the north fund to Nuevo Arcángel. But as soon as Montijo 1 – Cacereño 1 finished on Sunday at noon, 1,000 more tickets were requested from Córdoba. And after a few minutes, they changed their minds and asked for the 3,500 that would half complete the north end of the stadium. At ten euros each, Mérida could get a maximum of 35,000 euros. Not counting the bar on game day. Mérida has already sent this morning the first batch of 1,000 tickets.

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Germán Crespo’s team, which would be worth a tie to win the championship and celebrate promotion at the Romano four days from the end of the championship, could even be a First Federation team at halftime, once they know the result of Cacereño in Villanueva (shock that will start an hour before). Hence, the agencies of the Cordovan capital are organizing trips to accompany the team in Mérida. The Verdiblanco club is selling a pack for ticket holders plus bus travel for 20 euros and 24 euros for non-subscribers. At this time of the afternoon, more than 300 tickets have already been sold, between physical sales and online sales.

And at the moment, the Merida club’s Midday among its subscribers trickles at a very slow pace. Due to the festive week, it will only be possible to physically take out the supplement tomorrow, Tuesday, because the store plans to close on Wednesday and Thursday. So the best option will be to take it out and pay it through the web. The supplement costs five euros and tickets in general, 12 euros in grandstand and 10 in preference.

Juanma Barrero’s team, who rests today, will return to training tomorrow, Tuesday, to prepare for a duel in which they will not be able to count on the suspended Bonaque and will have doubts about the injured Diego López until the last minute. “We are going to play and see what results we get,” Juanma Barrero calms down when they insist on the possible wing of Córdoba and the goal of second place. “We don’t have the pressure to go looking for Cacereño. We are going to play to compete and have a good game against the leader… and we still won and got closer to second place. And then we would tell ourselves ‘hey, we have to go for them’.

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