Tuesday, June 6

Coria organizes to help the Ukrainians

JM Garcia Ballestero. / TODAY

The City Council, in collaboration with natural neighbors of Ukraine, prepare the reception of refugees and the collection of material

The mayor, José Manuel García Ballestero, has appeared before the media to report on the actions that will be carried out from Coria to help Ukrainian citizens.

The Consistory has spent days thinking about how to act in the face of the biggest European crisis in recent years, and it has been after the meeting with Ukrainian citizens residing in Coria when these aids have been firmly established. The first mayor has described the meeting as “impressive”, knowing these testimonies up close.

Ballestero has highlighted that what the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces recommends is that the aid be channeled through NGOs such as the Red Cross, Acnur, Caritas, etc., since it is the most effective and safest way for it to reach Ukrainian citizens. . “The expense would be made in that area and the money stays there,” he says.

Those neighbors who want to welcome refugees from Ukraine, or who have real estate that they want to lend them, can do so through the Social Services of the City Council, who will collect all the availability information and transfer it to the Junta de Extremadura to start humanitarian actions. . All those families who are interested can go to the Social Services office of the City Council to fill out a form, and later they will be informed of the entire process.

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On the other hand, in the next few days collection points for necessary items will be established. The Ukrainian citizens residing in Coria will be in charge, together with the network that has been forged in Spain and Portugal, in getting these materials to the affected country. “Above all they have asked for, more than food, a lot of material, sleeping bags, oil lamps, generators, extension cords, thermal socks…”, says Ballestero.

solidarity farce

Finally, the Coria Women’s Association has also wanted to collaborate with the cause. To do this, they will once again stage the farce performed last Saturday in celebration of International Women’s Day. The performance will take place on March 11, 12 and 13 in Coria, Puebla de Argeme and Rincón del Obispo respectively. The ticket price will be €3 and there will be a zero line for those who want to collaborate. The profits collected will be paid into the account of the International Red Cross and will be sent to the Ukrainian people.

The mayor wanted to mention and recognize the efforts of the Caurians who have moved on their own to the Ukrainian borders to help those who want to escape from their country and has reported that they are currently on their way. He also wanted to thank the concern and collaboration of the neighbors for the help they have provided and that will be provided in the coming days. “We would have liked not to have to do it, but we do it with great pleasure,” he acknowledged.


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