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Corinna denounced the harassment in London of the CNI after the emeritus demanded 65 million

The lawsuit resolved by the English Justice details surveillance until 2020, notices to the English Police and MI5 and three appointments with Juan Carlos I after abdicating

Matthew Balin

The lawsuit for harassment by Corinna Larsen against the king emeritus details an alleged espionage operation that the National Intelligence Center (CNI) would have carried out in London against the Danish businesswoman and her entourage until November 2020, a month before presenting the civil action for damages before the English High Court of Justice, whose preliminary questions have been held this week.

The Blake Morgan office brief collects several episodes of “exhaustive surveillance”, home invasion and illegal interception of mobile phones and email accounts. Larsen, 56 years old and with two children, attributes this action to CNI agents or “mercenaries” hired by the Spanish agency under the direction of Félix Sanz Roldán and his substitute, Paz Esteban. All this would have been done “with the direction or consent” of Don Juan Carlos.

These events would have taken place between 2015 and 2020 and the alleged victim brought them to the attention of the English Police on at least five occasions, through the relevant complaints, and by letter to the internal security services, better known as MI5, and the intelligence ones, MI6. The letter from his lawyers was sent in August 2019 and included various acts allegedly suffered by his advisor James Watt. The text called for the intervention of both organizations to stop the “activities of continuous hostility” by the CNI in the United Kingdom, but a priori they did not have an immediate effect.

Tests. In May 2012, Corinna Larsen received an unknown email, from a certain Paul Bon, who gave her instructions from the king. She believes that he was the director of the CNI.

The origin of the monitoring is located in September 2014, three months after the abdication of the monarch and after the consequent loss of the shield of constitutional inviolability (one of the issues that his defense has raised, immunity, in the previous issues of the judgment). Larsen affirms that the former head of state began to travel more frequently to London, her habitual residence, and on one of these visits he made an appointment for three with the presence of his Swiss lawyer, Dante Canonica.

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They met at the Connaught Hotel, in the exclusive neighborhood of Mayfair. This establishment was not unknown to Corinna, since in May 2012 she supposedly met there with the director of the CNI at the request of the king. The appointment lasted an hour and, as recorded in a notarial deed that was later included in a lawsuit between Sanz Roldán and Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, the general told him that he could not guarantee his physical safety or that of his children unless comply with “instructions”, such as not airing the affective relationship they had between 2004 and 2009 or their joint businesses.

Instead, the 2014 meeting in Connaught with Don Juan Carlos and Canonica had a merely commercial aspect: that Corinna returned the “donation” of 65 million euros that the monarch made in April 2012 after liquidating the Lucum Foundation. The Panamanian company managed by him and that was never declared to the treasury. Precisely, in his account he received in 2008 the famous 100 million dollars that King Abdullah “given” him, supposedly linked to the commissions of the Spanish work of the Saudi AVE.

Demand. The letter includes the notice that Don Juan Carlos made to him when he refused in 2014 to return Lucum’s money. The consequences “will not be good,” he told her.

Larsen considered that the transfer of the 65 million was friendly and “irrevocable”, but Don Juan Carlos demanded its full return as well as the receipt of other gifts. However, there was no agreement. The consequences “will not be good,” he warned him by phone days later, according to the 28-page lawsuit.

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The letter includes a second meeting in Larsen’s apartment on November 4, 2014, in which Juan Carlos I demanded 200,000 pounds from him for having used Lucum’s money to buy a luxury apartment in London.

“Hello Corinna, you must stop”

In short, this financial dispute would be behind the alleged campaign of family, labor and institutional harassment and defamation that began later. It includes the demand that the former head of state “tried to bribe” Larsen’s driver with the mediation of his chief escort, Vicente Mochales, and the businesswoman’s personal assistant, Noelia Muñoz. “I am here for what she needs. I await news », she affirms that Don Juan Carlos told Muñoz in February 2017.

The plaintiff recounts that on the night of September 11, 2018, she was going to pick up her car, parked in a residential area of ​​Hereford Square, when she saw three men next to the vehicle from a distance. One of them was sitting on the pavement with his legs under the car. They said a few words in Spanish and when they realized that they had been seen they left. From this he infers that they tried to plant a tracking device or download information from the car’s computer. That same day his adviser Watt realized that his phone and his iPad had been hacked.

On June 4, 2019, three months after the last meeting with the emeritus king in London, Larsen took an Uber taxi in Berkeley Square when a few minutes later he saw a BMW with the license plate “SPA 1N” that was following him home. in South Kensington. That same car was seen “three or four” more times in the following weeks each time he booked an Uber.

Later, on November 11, 2020, a “Mediterranean”-looking man appeared in front of her in Hereford Square and said: “Hello, you must stop”, in reference to her public accusations against Don Juan Carlos. Another similar episode occurred, according to the plaintiff, in August 2015 in a store in front of Harrods, when she noticed that a man was waiting outside her and when she left she said to him in Spanish: “Hello Corinna.”

At his Shropshire estate, three hours northwest of London, three events also occurred. On June 21, 2017, he discovered a hole in his bedroom window directly across from his bed. In April 2020, two bullet shots hit the front door security camera lens. Days later they tried to access the recording system without success and the following May a drone was observed over the farm. All these facts were denounced before the English Police.

An English lawsuit with an eye on the Swiss investigation

With the civil suit processed by the English High Court of Justice, Corinna Larsen not only seeks millionaire financial compensation for the alleged campaign of harassment by Don Juan Carlos, she also tries to give truth to her line of defense in Switzerland, where an investigation is open since mid-2018. The Danish businesswoman is being investigated by the Geneva Public Prosecutor’s Office for alleged money laundering. Specifically, for receiving the aforementioned 65 million to an account opened in a Swiss bank in the name of a company based in the Bahamas. The money came from the Lucum Foundation, whose beneficiary was the King Emeritus. Corinna claimed that the donation “was not to get rid of money”, but “out of gratitude and love” towards her family and to take care of the previous monarch. Therefore, if the lawsuit in the United Kingdom succeeds and it is considered that this money was an irrevocable “donation”, the origin of the alleged subsequent campaign of harassment, Larsen will be able to present it as evidence in Switzerland.

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