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Corinna Larsen: the indiscreet mistress

Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

Corinna Larsen (Frankfurt, 1964) has been part of Spanish public life since April 2012, when the famous Botswana accident placed her next to don Juan Carlos on safari through Africa, but by then she had already been a very active character in the private life of the king emeritus. In that time of discretion and encounters far from the spotlight, his blonde hair It did not usually shine on the coated paper, nor did the personal agenda of the head of state transcend beyond his close collaborators. The ‘juancarlismo‘He was in good health at those times and what the monarch did with his private life was not a publishable matter, not even commentable.

However, as a result of the revelations that the German aristocrat has been making in the press and the courts Since 2014, when he definitively broke with the monarch, public opinion has managed to get an idea of ​​the untold adventures of the Bourbon in the last decade and a half. Like the suspense movies that unravel the plot with flashbacks, the bombs that Larsen has released have allowed to compose a story about the last stage of the reign of Juan Carlos I that throws his public image to the ground, already greatly damaged by his pending tax affairs with the Swiss and Spanish justices.

His last move in the game that he plays against his ex-lover, and coinciding with the first anniversary of the expatriation of the abdicated monarch, has been to present in the British courts a lawsuit in which he accuses him of ordering to spy on her, destroy her image and harass her, with harm to your health.

Interviews and statements

In the year of the expatriation of the king emeritus in Abu Dabi, his former lover has given three interviews – to the British channel BBC, the French magazine Paris Match and the Spanish digital magazine Okdiario – and has participated as a witness in the trial of the former commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo, accused of having slandered the former director of the CNI, José Félix Sanz Roldán. At the hearing, he testified by videoconference from his residence in the exclusive London neighborhood of Belgravia.

No more social life has been known to him in the months of the pandemic, but in those four public interventions he has continued to contribute surprising pieces to the incomplete puzzle of the private life of Don Juan Carlos. Information such as that the monarch was so in love with her that he came to ask his father for her hand, that the aristocrat slept next to him in the hospital the nights after his lung operation and that one day they came to show him a currency handling machine in the Zarzuela, extremes never denied, not even commented on, by the Casa del Rey. What Larsen has now told in the High Court of Justice in London in the form of a lawsuit – that the king emeritus threatened her through the head of the Spanish secret services – he already declared in January by video call at the National Court.

These revelations are in addition to those he had made in the past and that point to a relationship between sovereign and lover that exceeded the limits of love. According to her version, Corinna Larsen -o zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, as she liked to appear in the saraos of the European jet set until her previous husband forbade her to use her surname would have accompanied Don Juan Carlos on countless business trips as a commission agent and even he would have served as a front man to hide assets and properties abroad.

Hunting love

The couple had met in 2004, at a hunt held on the farm Throat, property of the Duke of Westminster and located in Ciudad Real, in which the King Emeritus was epalled before the handling with weapons that showed the German, former director of an important London armory. In the years of their closest relationship, the king’s mistress came to reside in The Angorrilla, a mansion located on the Monte del Pardo with direct access from the Zarzuela that allowed the couple to keep alive the flame of love away from prying eyes.

The emergence of all these details has a price: 65 million euros. This is the amount that don Juan Carlos, in a last attempt to save his affair with Larsen, gave him in 2012 and later claimed him without success. To the scandal of the amount is added its origin, presumably related to the collection of commissions for the award to Spanish companies of the works of the AVE to Mecca. At the moment, the money is still in the hands of the former lover of the king, also owner of a collection of real secrets never told. Corinna’s soap opera is not over.


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