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Coronavirus: ICU with record capacity in Vienna and eastern Austria

The coronavirus situation in eastern Austria has worsened.

Admissions to the ICU are at record levels in the states of Vienna and Lower Austria, while admissions are also high in Burgenland.

On Tuesday afternoon, an intensive care patient was transferred from Burgenland to the southern state of Carinthia, where the occupancy is much lower. Austrian media reports This is likely to be the first of several patients to be transferred out of ICUs in the east of the country, which has suffered severe damage.

Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland on Tuesday decided to extend the ongoing blockade until April 18.

This is what you need to know.

Record of ICU admissions in Vienna and Lower Austria

Vienna has just set a dismal record for the number of patients in its intensive care units since the start of the pandemic.

ICUs in the city-state include 224 coronavirus patients, the highest number since the pandemic began. reports the Austrian news agency ORF. This means that 61.5 percent of the beds in the Vienna ICU are currently occupied by people with coronavirus.

In Lower Austria, the 123 ICU patients (59.1 percent of total ICU capacity) it is also a record figure since the beginning of the pandemic.

The situation in hospitals is so bad that the Lower Austrian State Health Agency has told people to avoid risky leisure activities such as mountain biking or motorcycle trips to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.

In Burgenland, 21 ICU beds (60 percent of capacity) are currently occupied by coronavirus patients.

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The coronavirus situation is dire in general admissions too.

According to a spokesperson for the Vienna crisis team, a total of 746 coronavirus patients are currently being treated in Vienna hospitals (67.2 percent).

In addition, 16 people died in 24 hours in Vienna after being diagnosed as positive for the coronavirus.

You can see the official figures on Austrian hospitalization rates here.


The dire situation in the east contrasts with that in the west of the country.

In Vorarlberg, the state with the lowest infection rates, only three of the state’s intensive care beds (4.5 percent) are being used for coronavirus patients, although the number of people in intensive care has risen from two to six. in the last week.

The rise in coronavirus infections across Austria has been attributed to the British coronavirus mutation, which according to the country’s traffic light commission is now dominant in all Austrian states.

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Last week, the commission put all of Austria back at the highest risk level for “red” coronavirus, including Vorarlberg, the state with the fewest infections.

Vorarlberg’s restaurants and cafes are open and school sports and events take place, although the seven-day incidence has doubled to almost 130 in the past week.

Infection rates fall

A silver lining can be found in Austria’s infection rates, which appear to be on the decline, although officials have suggested this may be due to less testing being conducted over the Easter holidays.

The number of coronavirus infections has dropped dramatically in Austria according to today’s figures from the CENTURIES database. The seven-day incidence, or the number of new infections per 100,000 population, is 242.3.

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There were 3,235 new coronavirus infections on April 1 compared to 1,993 on April 5.


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