Sunday, June 20

Coronavirus in Brazil: the impressive results of the experiment in the city that vaccinated 75% of its adults

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Residents queue up to receive the CoronaVac vaccine in Serrana.

Image source, Nelson Almeida / Getty


An experiment in Serrana gives clues about the fight against the pandemic.

An experiment in a city in Brazil provided important keys to ending the pandemic.

The town of Serrana, with 45,000 inhabitants and located in the southeast of the country, registered a 95% drop in deaths from covid-19 and a significant decrease in cases.

And all after a massive vaccination campaign. The enclave recorded that decline after nearly all of the adults were inoculated as part of an experiment with China’s CoronaVac, according to the researchers who carried it out.

The team explained that those who had not received the vaccine also ended up being protected, given the lower circulation of the virus in the area.

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