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Coronavirus in Elche | Elche will provide all educational centers with nursing assistants

A class from the Francesc Cantó school in Elche during the first days of the course.  |

A class from the Francesc Cantó school in Elche during the first days of the course. |

All the Elche educational centers they will have covid support staff, which will preferably be nursing assistants. Elche City Council announced that it will hire a hundred people in order to reinforce the work carried out in educational centers so that safety and security protocols are complied with. avoid coronavirus infections in the classrooms of Elche.

The Councilor for Education of Elche, Maria Jose Martinez, he explained, after announcing it during the telematic meeting of the municipal school council, that the intention is that all the educational centers of the city, whether public or subsidized, have a full-time person who helps to ensure compliance with the covid standards and to relieve the teaching staff of this task.

The formula for hiring these people is simple and will not imply an extra cost for the municipal coffers, as indicated by the municipal area of ​​Education. The City Council of Elche will use the grant that you are going to receive from the Generalitat Valenciana to hire unemployed people to help with tasks related to alleviating the effects of the pandemic.

It is about 2.5 million euros that will allow the hiring of 180 full-time people for six months in Elche and, of these 180 people, it is intended that between 80 and 100 work in educational centers in the city of all levels. That is, the City Council will provide this staff to nursery schools, colleges, and institutes.

María José Martínez explained that «our intention is to support the educational community, and that teachers can dedicate themselves to their work and do not have to spend time on other tasks overtaken by the pandemic, as we all know what is happening since the beginning of this course.

The mayor of Education from Elche indicated that the covid support staff will have among their functions control the arrival and departure of students, to which the temperature will be taken. They will also ensure that all students wear the mask correctly during their stay in schools, and that safe distances are maintained in common areas and classrooms.

In addition, this staff will collaborate in cleaning classrooms for common use by students, such as computer rooms and other multipurpose rooms where it is necessary to reinforce cleaning to ensure safety. All this, said María José Martínez, with the aim of making the centers “safe spaces from covid.” The municipal intention is to hire these people by the end of the year in order to cover the remainder of the year.

According to the latest data provided by the Department of Education to the Elche City Council, during the past week 0.25% of the city’s students tested positive in PCR tests. These positives forced 1.29% of the students to isolate. Elche has a total of 37,000 students, so last week a total of 92 students tested positive for covid, and about 477 remained confined.

They will hire the unemployed for 6 months

The municipal human resources services of the Elche City Council have already begun to work in the search for people who will occupy the positions of covid personnel in the educational centers. The contract will last six months, with the intention of covering the last six months of the course, and one of the requirements to be able to access them is to be unemployed and registered as a job seeker in the Labora service. That is, interested persons must be registered in the Valencian Employment and Training Service, which is the public body that will transfer the list of candidates to carry out the tasks of covid personnel to the City Council, who should preferably be nursing assistants.

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