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Coronavirus in Extremadura: Extremadura reports 1,176 new cases and those hospitalized for covid rise to 125

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The region registers the highest cumulative incidence in the entire country among those over 60 years of age

Tania Agundez

Extremadura has added almost 1,200 coronavirus positives since Tuesday, according to data collected in the report made public by the Ministry of Health this Friday. Specifically, it has reported 1,176 cases. The figure confirms a decrease in cases in the region in the last week, since last Tuesday (May 24) 1,213 new infections were reported, while on Friday of the previous week (May 20) 1,683 were registered. It must be borne in mind that these figures are very far from the more than 2,000 positives that were reported just a month ago (on Friday, April 29).

In any case, the number of new infections that have been occurring in recent months in the general population is greater, since the health authorities only register the spread of the virus in serious cases, among vulnerable people as well as personnel in the socio-health field. . Since the end of March, asymptomatic positives or those with mild symptoms are no longer counted.

Of the last 1,176 new infections registered in the region, more than half have occurred in people over 60 years of age, specifically 771. This brings the total number of infections since the start of the pandemic to 274,816.

These data make the accumulated incidence experience a similar evolution. Although the rate continues at very high levels, it continues to decline progressively. The indicator stands at 1,146 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days in the population over 60 years of age, being the highest of all the autonomous communities. They are followed by La Rioja (1,097), the Basque Country (1,039) and Cantabria (1,015). It must be taken into account that at the beginning of the month the 14-day incidence in Extremadura was 1,500.

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The incidence of covid falls 70 cases nationwide and remains at 728

The parameter among sexagenarians from Extremadura is 841 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days; among people from 70 to 79 the indicator marks 1,266; and note the 1,529 in Extremadura who are over 80 years old.

On the other hand, the number of hospitalized has suffered a slight rebound compared to this Thursday, since the report from the Ministry of Health shows that there are 125 people hospitalized in the Extremadura region (six more than yesterday). However, they are 13 less than a week ago. Of them, only one patient remains in the ICU, the same number as yesterday and last week.

Another positive aspect is that Extremadura is one of the communities with the lowest percentage of bed occupancy by patients with coronavirus, 4.12%, only above La Rioja, Cantabria, the Balearic Islands and Andalusia. The national average stands at 5.6%. In ICU beds, the occupancy registered in the region is 0.5%, the lowest in Spain. The national average is 4.25%.

Finally, the Ministry has reported that 4,929 tests have been carried out in the last seven days, 4,119 antigen tests and 810 PCR, with a positivity rate of 46%. It is the second highest figure in the country. Extremadura is only behind Aragón, which has a positivity rate of 49.6%. The Spanish average stands at 30.32%. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that this figure be below five percent to consider the spread of the virus as ‘controlled’.

National data

The autonomous communities have notified the Ministry of Health this Friday of 45,919 new cases of covid-19, of which 22,120 have occurred in people over 60 years of age.

The total number of infections in Spain has already risen to 12,326,264 since the start of the pandemic, according to official statistics. The incidence in people over 60 years of age stands at 728 in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants.

Up to 106,341 people with a positive diagnostic test have died since the virus arrived in Spain, according to data collected by the Ministry. In the last week, 260 have died with a confirmed positive in the country. Currently, there are 6,980 patients hospitalized and positive for covid-19 throughout Spain and 379 in the ICU.


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