Sunday, October 17

Coronavirus in Peru: 4 keys to understanding the vaccine scandal that convulses the country

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Man holds a newspaper that dedicates the cover to the scandal.


The scandal has led to resignations and investigations have been launched.

With more than 1.24 million infected and almost 44,000 deaths, Peru is one of the Latin American countries most affected by the pandemic.

In this context, complaint that several high-ranking government officials abused a clinical trial to get vaccinated against coronavirus long before the majority of the population it has generated a wave of unrest.

President Francisco Sagasti said on Monday he was “indignant and” furious, “two adjectives that sum up the general feeling of the population, and blamed his predecessor entirely for the situation. Martin Vizcarra, one of those noted.

We present the keys to understanding the scandal that has been baptized as get vaccinated.

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