Tuesday, August 3

Coronavirus in Russia: the country where the numbers of deaths by covid-19 are “uncomfortable numbers that are disguised”

  • Sarah Rainsford
  • BBC News, Perm, Russia

hospital de Perm

The number of sick and dead in Perm skyrocketed in the autumn but has recently declined.

Protecting yourself for a shift in the covid-19 ward is a process that the doctors at the Perm Regional Hospital have perfected over months of practice.

They quickly don disposable suits before attaching plastic masks to their faces. Then a colleague helps them put on a double layer of rubber gloves glued to their wrists.

With a pandemic year gone by, the virus this team is fighting is part of everyday life and their careful daily routine is a reminder of the risk.

Last fall, covid-19 hit the hardest in Perm, after sweeping from Moscow through the regions, and the number of sick and dead skyrocketed.


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