Sunday, January 17

Coronavirus in the UK | Nobody can imagine how difficult work can be “: the testimony of a Spanish nurse who works in an intensive care unit in London

  • Inma Gil Rosendo
  • BBC World News


Belen Montoro and another Spanish colleague, Jesús Repiso, during a moment of rest in the summer in the courtyard of the hospital where they work in London, “when the sun rose for a few minutes and there were fewer cases of covid”.

What happened to Belén Montoro on the last day she went to work last week was, in her own words, “quite unfortunate.”

He explains it like this: “When patients in intensive care need respiratory support they have a small tube that is in the windpipe and comes out through their mouth, and it is connected through longer tubes with the ventilator.

Unfortunately that tube was opened, because sometimes we have to move patients … And then the secretions of that patient with COVID-19 fell into my eye. “

Belén was wearing her Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, but that did not prevent direct contact.

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