Thursday, October 28

Coronavirus in the United States: the concern caused by the lack of control of the ‘spring break’ in Miami Beach, where it seems that “there is no covid”

  • Beatriz Díez (@bbc_diez)
  • BBC News Mundo, Miami Beach

A group of young people throws a girl in the air in Miami Beach


South Florida has filled with visitors coming to spend their spring break.

Miami Beach is under a triple threat.

This is how its mayor, the democrat Dan Gelber, considers it, for whom this triple threat is made up of the number of visitors who arrive through the spring break (the spring break so popular with young Americans), the crowds in the streets, and the covid-19 pandemic.

Health experts have also sounded alarms at the images of beaches and bars full of young people who celebrate without a mask and without keeping social distance, as if there is no longer a pandemic.

They fear that within a few weeks there will be a new spike in infections, which were down in Florida, and warn of the risk of new variants of the virus appearing and spreading which can be highly transmissible.

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