Tuesday, August 3

Coronavirus in Venezuela: the 16-year-old who became the teacher in her neighborhood during the closure of schools

  • Nicole Kolster
  • Special for BBC Mundo from Maracay

Valeria Torres at the door of her home in Maracay, Venezuela.


Valeria Torres is 16 years old and lives in a house in La Pedrera in Maracay.

Being the neighborhood teacher was a role that Valeria Torres, a 16-year-old Venezuelan, did not expect to play, but it was her turn when the word began to spread.

First a cousin came to her, then another … and she was followed by neighbors, whose education was adrift due to confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic and the closure of schools.

So Torres improvised a kind of classroom at his home in Maracay, a city in central Venezuela, and placed the dining table just outside the front door, the only corner where natural light enters.

There BBC Mundo finds her sitting, among stacked books and notebooks, ready to receive her next student.


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