Monday, May 17

Coronavirus: “It hurts me to see children die without being able to see their parents”

  • Nathalia Passarinho
  • BBC News Brazil

Doctor shows a baby through video call


Given the prohibition of visits to the children’s ICU of covid-19, doctors and nurses at the Albert Sabin Hospital, in Fortaleza, made a collection to buy tablets that allow video calls between parents and children.

Every morning, in front of the hospital lavatory, intensive care pediatrician Cinara Carneiro takes a deep breath, pauses for a minute, tries to meditate while washing her hands, and begins to put on her mask, hat, gloves, and layers of protective clothing. that he wears on his body.

A 12-hour shift is going to begin in the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit of the Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará in northeastern Brazil.

There they are hospitalized babies, children and adolescents fighting for their lives unable to shake hands with their mothers or fathers.

Cinara tries to cheer up these children, but cannot even smile at them because of the protective mask.

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