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Coronavirus outbreaks in Spain’s largest prison already affect 155 inmates




The coronavirus outbreaks that currently affect the Picassent Penitentiary (Valencia), which is the largest prison in Spain, have already infected a total of 155 inmates.

Penitentiary Institutions has explained to ABC that in recent weeks there have been several large-scale Covid-19 outbreaks in the Picassent prison, causing 155 infections among inmates. For this reason, they are isolated from the rest of the inmates.

In addition, Penitentiary Institutions have specified that the people who have tested positive are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, since most were already vaccinated.

The first coronavirus outbreak in module 8 of the Compliance Unit last week accounted for 80 inmates affected by the virus, but another 69 infections have already been confirmed and nine inconclusive, according to the union Acaip-UGT.

In addition, another Covid-19 outbreak was detected in module 9, in which the confirmation tests have detected another four positive cases.

In this way, the inmates infected with coronavirus in the Picassent prison already amount to 155; while there are more than 500 inmates in quarantine for various circumstances, the union pointed out.

Likewise, Acaip has denounced that there are a worker infected with Covid-19 among those who serve in module 8 –in which one of the outbreaks occurred–; while two other employees are in preventive quarantine.

“Despite having carried out his duties in a department with more than 70 positive inmates, even with some direct intervention due to a regimental incident with a confirmed positive inmate, in the first instance since the prison has not considered the cause to be professional», Has criticized the union.

Increase in positives

On the other hand, he has pointed out that “Huge amount of new positives” of coronavirus “contributes to increasing the pressure and making it difficult to properly classify the interior in the center.”

In this situation, the union Acaip-UGT submitted a letter to the Valencia Center Management requesting the completion of a mass screening among workers who had been serving in module 8 to “know the real situation and rule out new infections that could have an unpredictable result, taking into account the dramatic situation in terms of personnel at the center and the summer season.”

Thus, they propose the performance of antigen tests in the penitentiary center or the processing of these tests before the Ministry of Health. “It is not acceptable that workers have to find a life for someone to do a diagnostic test, or pay for it out of pocket, in the face of outbreaks of this magnitude,” the union concluded.

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