Saturday, October 23

Coronavirus: the 241 million covid vaccines that could go to waste if rich countries do not donate them

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Pfizer vaccine in Chile

Image source, CLAUDIO REYES/Getty Images

The richest countries in the world accumulate millions of vaccines against covid-19 and continue to close contracts with pharmaceutical companies, while some of the poorest countries have not yet vaccinated 2% of their population.

The statistics are conclusive: the surplus amounts to 1.2 billion dosesaccording to a report by Airfinity, a scientific data analysis company that investigates global supply.

One fifth of those doses –241 million vaccines– could be wasted if rich countries don’t donate them.

They are vaccines that the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan will not need even if they start giving a third booster dose, but that the poorest countries cannot accept unless they have a minimum of two months left. of expiration.

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