Sunday, May 16

Coronavirus: the Kremlin’s impressive (and expensive) operation to protect Putin from covid-19

  • Anna Pushkarskaia, Pavel Aksenov and Petr Kozlov
  • BBC Russia

President Putin

Image source, Getty Images


The Kremlin leadership dedicated to the functioning of the presidential team received a budget of US $ 84 million to face the coronavirus.

From the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian authorities have done everything possible to protect President Vladimir Putin from infection. But how do you organize a Kremlin-style quarantine and how much has it cost?

Over the past year, hundreds of people have had to quarantine themselves in Russia, before being close to Vladimir Putin. Some had to isolate themselves even if they were not in direct contact with the presidentBut as a precaution because they were in contact with other people who were planning to meet with him.

On March 25, 2020, President Putin addressed the nation and announced that April 1 would mark the beginning of a “non-working week,” as the coronavirus spread rapidly in Russia.

Later, in April, a complete lockdown was introduced with the closure of non-essential stores and a ban on mass gatherings, while a large proportion of the population began working from home.

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