Thursday, May 26

Coronavirus: the “spree” of celebrities in Australia that enrages citizens who have been stranded abroad by the pandemic

Zac Efron with his brother Dylan on Kangaroo Island



Zac Efron was one of the first Hollywood stars to make Australia his home during the pandemic.

It all started with the arrival of actor Zac Efron. Mark Wahlberg followed, then Matt Damon and dozens of other celebrities who made Australia their home during the pandemic.

More recently, Julia Roberts arrived. He plans to shoot a movie with George Clooney later this year, Ticket to Paradise.

In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, it seems that half of Hollywood has moved to that country whom they see as a place idílico coronavirus free.

Life is good, as the virus has largely been eliminated: people freely enjoy beaches, bars and nightclubs.

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