Wednesday, June 29

Coronavirus vaccines: why the secrecy surrounding contracts between governments and pharmaceutical companies

  • Guillermo D. Olmo @BBCgolmo
  • BBC World News


The pandemic causes the global demand for vaccines to exceed supply.

The whole world is vying for a place to receive the coronavirus vaccine, a good that is still too scarce and produced by few pharmaceutical companies.

Governments sign contracts with the companies that have developed these vaccines in record time, yet critical information about those agreements remains hidden from the general public due to strict confidentiality clauses.

How much they cost or how they will be distributed are details that in most cases the public does not know, because this is required by the signed agreements.

In Peru, for example, negotiations between the government and the Pfizer company ran aground for this reason. And in Colombia, the government claims that confidentiality clauses prevent it from still offering a clear vaccination schedule.

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