Sunday, August 1

Coronavirus: what we have learned about its transmission in the last year (and how it can change the way we fight it)

  • Amy Barrett y Thomas Ling
  • BBC Science Focus


There have been important advances in our understanding of how the virus spreads.

Science has moved very, very fast due to the coronavirus pandemic, with new information emerging every week.

Not only have there been significant advances in our understanding of how the coronavirus spreads, but experts have also developed several vaccines to combat it in record time.

To try to condense all this wealth of information, Dr. Muge Cevik – a university professor at St Andrews University and a member of the British government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group (NervTag) – published an extensive meta-analysis of recent studies related to the virus that causes covid-19.

Is about 79 studies published in the last 12 months that were examined to gain a better understanding of the key factors in the transmission of the coronavirus.

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