Tuesday, May 24

Coronavirus: Why don’t we listen to scientists when they tell us that the pandemic is not over?

  • Sergi Maicas Prieto and Esperanza Navarro-Pardo *
  • The Conversation


Image source, Getty Images


Does the high risk of contracting COVID-19 that skipping the measures entails weighs less than the needs for socialization and enjoyment?

The dead to the hole and the alive to the bun, says the well-known Castilian saying. That is the attitude that we observe daily in our streets after the lifting of the state of alarm.

The warnings of the health authorities and the scientific community are of little use. It’s all a matter of the scale on which we move.

What happens to our brain? Have we reached a saturation point where anything goes and the high risk of contracting covid-19 that skipping measures entails compensates for the needs for socialization and enjoyment?

Whether it is an individual problem or a group behavior that prevails in our daily work, the terrible consequences of ending the restrictions lead us to a new situation of health alarm.


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