Monday, November 30

Coronavirus: why the covid-19 pandemic has given rise to so many conspiracy theories that put the battle against coronavirus at risk

  • Laura Plitt
  • BBC World News


There are those who maintain, without any evidence, that the virus was created and spread by the pharmaceutical industry to make money from the treatment and the vaccine.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the voices of scientists have become more prominent in the media with the aim of explaining what the new virus looks like, the complex ways it interacts with our body, and the most recent advances in searching of a vaccine and a treatment.

However, easy – and mostly free – access to reliable scientific information expressed in simple terms has not been enough to stop the proliferation of conspiracy theories they lack any scientific evidence.

The idea that SARS-CoV-2 was deliberately created in a laboratory by the pharmaceutical industry to make money from the sale of a vaccine, that it was spread by the governments of China or the United States, or that it is spread through 5G are accepted by a significant number of people in the world, a global survey recently revealed.

Among the most popular is the theory that questions the veracity of the death toll, which as of November 2 had exceeded 1.2 million, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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