Friday, May 27

Coronavirus: why vaccination without confinement can turn Brazil into a “factory” of super-powerful variants

  • Nathalia Passarinho – @npassarinho
  • BBC News Brazil

Agglomeration in Brazil


The efficacy of the vaccines may be jeopardized if there is massive contact between the vaccinated population and those infected by the Manaus variant, according to experts.

The current scenario in Brazil, which combines the start of vaccination with the uncontrolled transmission of covid-19, may turn the country into a ” factory ” of variants potentially capable of completely escaping the efficacy of vaccines.

This is the evaluation of a group of British scientists directly involved in some of the main research on coronavirus mutations.

Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Leicester argue that lockdowns and other containment measures are especially necessary during the vaccination of the population.

They explain that it is precisely the contact between vaccinees and variants that favors the appearance of “super powerful” mutations, capable of totally circumventing the action of immunization

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