Monday, June 27

Correos installs a “self-service machine” for the deposit of packages in the main office of Torrevieja

Correos has installed a “Self-service machine” for depositing packages in the main office of Torrevieja, located on Caballero de Rodas street. The forecast is to install 70 devices in offices throughout the country, of which 43 are currently fully operational. This self-service parcel service announced by Correos for Torrevieja was not enabled and in operation neither yesterday, Wednesday, nor today, Thursday.

The devices actually consist of two elements: a “kiosk” that allows weighing the package on the attached scale, calculating the price corresponding to the weight, selecting the type of shipment according to the desired term, making the payment and generating the identification label of the shipment; and a “DropBox” or mailbox that is opened to deposit the package, after reading the shipping code.

This system allows customers to deposit and pay for their package shipments of “simple and unattended way” sin having to go to the windows. Following the information indicated on the device screen, the customer can perform the operation himself, in a very simple way, according to company sources, who explain that the first thing is to place the package on the scale to obtain the weight and calculate the corresponding price. Then the preferred shipping type is chosen based on your needs and the options available. Next, the sender and recipient data will be recorded, as well as the billing address if desired, and payment will be made by bank card. The machine will issue an identification label of the shipment with all the necessary data, which must be pasted in a visible area of ​​the package. Finally, you will have to pass that code through the reader of the mailbox, open it to deposit the package and close it so that the delivery is completed. The operation is available in several languages ​​and, if the client wishes, they can register their data to speed up the process in the next shipments. Work is being done to expand the service to more products and it will shortly be available so that customers can use them to make their reverse logistics shipments, mainly, the returns of their online purchases, in a quick and easy way.

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In this way, Correos “it continues to advance in its strategic line of bringing its services closer to citizens and offering them new benefits that facilitate their day-to-day life “, according to a press release.

This main office in Torrevieja receives a great daily demand from users in an interrupted schedule from eight thirty in the morning to eight thirty in the afternoon. And it does not get rid of the queues outside, also due to covid restrictions -the capacity is limited to 75% of the capacity of the ground floor and one height-, despite the fact that the company has carried out a thorough renovation and modernization of its services in these facilities and branches in other areas of the municipality, which now have reception areas and reinforced personnel, shift management and post office boxes, as well as other services, such as a store for products linked to postal delivery, accessories and a bookstore.

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