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Costa Rica vs Martinique: Live Score Updates (1-0) | 05/06/2022

2:25 PM a minute ago


The intensity of the match drops a little and the score remains the same, 1-0 in favor of the locals.

2:21 PM6 minutes ago


Martinique is looking for an equalizer by moving up the field a bit.

2:15 PM12 minutes ago


The match remains level with a one-goal advantage for Costa Rica.

2:11 PM16 minutes ago


Martinique is dedicated to defending, unable to come out with a set piece.

2:06 PM21 minutes ago


Costa Rica presses hard for the second goal on their account.

2:02 PM24 minutes ago

Four. Five’

The second half begins.

1:47 PM40 minutes ago

Four. Five’

The first half is over Costa Rica 1-0 Martinique.

1:38 PM One hour ago


Last minutes of the game Costa Rica can go to the break with a one touchdown lead.

1:35 PM one hour ago


The match remains unchanged after Costa Rica’s goal.

1:28 PM One hour ago


Gooooool for Costa Rica, the scoreboard opens for the home team.

1:27 PM One hour ago


Martinique gradually regained possession of the ball and began to create some dangerous plays.

1:18 PM One hour ago


The locals stifle Martinique but still can’t open the scoring.

1:14 PM One hour ago


Costa Rica is not able to finish their plays, they are not able to have clarity in the last zone.

1:04 PM One hour ago


Costa Rica dominates from the beginning of the match, wanting to take a quick lead.

1:00 PM one hour ago


The match between Costa Rica and Martinique starts, corresponding to match day 2.

12:50 PM2 hours ago


Everything is ready for the start of the match, the two teams enter the dressing rooms and are minutes away from taking the field.

12:50 PM2 hours ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up with 25 minutes to go before kick-off of the match corresponding to match day 2.

12:35 PM2 hours ago

Curious Fact

Martinique has gone 5 games without a win, something that could start to affect the Central American team, today they will have the opportunity to break this bad streak and start off on the right foot in the CONCACAF Nations Tournament.

12:30 PM2 hours ago


Little by little, Costa Rican fans are beginning to arrive at the National Stadium of Costa Rica for the start of this match.

12:25 PM2 hours ago


The central referee will be Walter Lopez Castellanos.

12:20 PM2 hours ago

Stay tuned to follow Costa Rica vs Martinique live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Costa Rica vs Martinique live stream, as well as the latest information from the Costa Rica National Stadium. Don’t miss a single detail of the live match updates and coverage on VAVEL Mexico.

12:05 PM2 hours ago

Last Lineup Martinique

12:00 PM2 hours ago

Last Lineup Costa Rica

11:55 AM3 hours ago

Costa Rica National Stadium

It is the home of the Costa Rican national team, besides being an Olympic stadium for multiple sporting events, was inaugurated on March 26, 2011 and has a capacity for 35,062 spectators is located in San Jose and will be the stadium where the two teams will play tomorrow the second day of the CONCACAF Nations League 2022.

11:50 AM3 hours ago

Group 2 current events.

At this moment in group 2, the overall leader is Panama with 3 points, followed by Martinique with 0 points and in last place with one game played is Costa Rica with 0 points, this is how the positions of group 2 are at this moment.

11:45 AM3 hours ago

Martinique: Off on the right foot for the first time.

Martinique will debut in the tournament against Costa Rica in the CONCACAF Nations League, their last match was against Haiti in the Gold Cup in July 2021, where they lost 2-1, so they have been out of action for a year, something that could have repercussions in this new international tournament, so tomorrow will be a very important match for both teams.

11:40 AM3 hours ago

Costa Rica: For its first victory in the Nations League.

After losing 2-0 against Panama in match day 1, the Ticos will come to this game with the need to get 3 points at home, in the first game we saw a Costa Rican team with very little idea, and where Panama was widely dominant in much of the game, remember that this tournament is used by the locals as preparation for their playoff game for a ticket to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

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11:35 AM3 hours ago

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