Thursday, September 23

Costas demolishes the “Jose María” kiosk on the Cura beach in Torrevieja

Image of the site of the José María kiosk after its demolition carried out this week

Image of the site of the José María kiosk after its demolition carried out this week
D. Pamies

The “Jose María” restaurant kiosk is now history. The place attached to the north shore of the popular Cura beach It has disappeared this week after the demolition of the facilities that has been completed in the absence of adapting the resulting plot in which the removable fixed facilities of the old terrace and a kind of basement are now left.

The chiringuito had recently exhausted the public domain exploitation concession. This same summer, in which the hospitality campaign has not been as catastrophic in the Cura beach as in other areas of the province, the establishment had been kept closed.

With this intervention, the promenade “gains” about 170 square meters of surface for pedestrian crossing. Around 90 that occupied the ground floor building next to the beach itself and about 80 in which it performed the terrace service.

The forcefulness of the coastal provincial service, dependent on the Ministry of Ecological Transition, when ordering this demolition contrasts with other situations in which it shows an apparent inactivity to enforce state legislation. This is the case of the more than twenty terraces on the public domain along the Paseo de Juan Aparicio (Las Rocas) and also at the northern end of the Cura beach itself, which according to the demarcation of the public maritime-terrestrial domain are on the public domain and that they lack a concession.

With the demolition, the promenade gains about 170 meters of surface for public use while the terraces continue to occupy more and more passage space without municipal or Coastal intervention.

Some of these terraces have been covering more and more of the land in the public domain with the support of the Torrevieja City Council, which charges them land occupation fees. The area of ​​passage has been narrowing more and more and this year that occupation has reached its maximum due to the facilities proposed by the administration for the hospitality industry to face the Covid 19 crisis. Including the suspension of payment of fees.

Image of one of the closed terrace structures located on the public domain on the promenade of Playa del Cura a few meters from the demolished kiosk

The capacity limitations have been overcome by installing more tables and chairs – something for example that is very evident in the case of the remodeled Paseo de Margallo Point-.

In the case of restaurants, fixed and closed structures have been consolidated -which differ little from those built with work and that proliferated in their day with the anti-smoking law and are profitable with the capacity restrictions that now apply inside the premises -.

A few meters from the kiosk that has just been demolished, several of these structures operate just five meters from what Costas, in its official cartography, considers the shoreline of the sea and within the public domain. Added to this situation of legal limbo are at least four wooden kiosks located along the Cura beach -without concession- and another next to the Hombre del Mar.

Image of the limits of the demarcation of the maritime-terrestrial public domain where it is verified that most of the promenade area of ​​the Paseo de Juan Aparicio, in which terraces are installed, are within the public domain in addition to some of those located in the extreme north from the Cura beach and the Paseo de Punta Margallo

Another legal situation is the one posed by the operation of the historic El Tintero kiosk. The local also exhausted the concession without renewing it years ago but the demolition order that falls on the building is being appealed against in court in addition to maintaining a proposal -that the Torrevieja City Council has not processed- to be protected as an Asset of Local Relevance.

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